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  1. Hi, I have F12 and th motherboard has a core i7 2600K + GeForce 560 Ti. I have done a clean install from Uni_b#####st, rebooted + used Multi_b#####st, then my computer sometimes boots normally and sometimes not. when it doesn't boot It get stuck on a black screen when normally the Window server must take over the console style display that you see during verbose boot. When the computer boots, then (after using Multi_b#####st to finish a proper install) everything works well apart Mac App Store / iMessage / FaceTime I'm considering trying the UEFI firmware now, Clipper99 & Alsterwasser can you tell me where to find the necessary tutorial/info to setup Yosemite with Clover ? I'm considering testing with another clean install, then try to update my existing Mavericks non clover with the same method. Thank you.
  2. What did they say when you gave your SN# ? what about the Mac model ? did you say it was a hackintosh ?
  3. I can't tell you a unit, I think you should use a GPU benchmark software to fix one. then edit the info.plist file to block your GPU in each state and see the ratio of each state compared to the higher one. for example if I start Starcraft 2, during the login sequence that have a login animation, I can get 3fps, 30 fps or 60 fps depending of the state of my GTX 560 TI.
  4. I think that each values are percent of the actual power stage let's say stage 3 gives you a processing power of 200 @ 100% stage 2 gives you a processing power of 1000 @ 100% stage 1 gives you a processing power of 3000 @ 100% each threshold value refers to the a specific stage and so you have 3 ranges in each stages and no gap. under the low - between low and high - above high. I don't think that every threshold values refers to stage 1.
  5. Nice post, I've got a GTX 560 TI i'll try your two settings to see how the card handle the load. what about the idelInterval value ? - the higher it is the higher the latency to go in a better power mode ? or - the higher it is the higher the latency to go in a better economy mode ? or or perhaps it goes the same in the two way ?
  6. atshoom

    Z68X-UD3H-B3 Sleep NOT working

    How is it possible that you have F5 ? there is only F4 and F8 on gigabyte website ! http://i.imgur.com/m4ZgN.png plus I don't see a DSDT for F5 or F8 on Tonymacx86 database (there is only F3 and F4). what bootloader do you have (and what version) ?
  7. well, the v3 installer has not helped me with my problem of booting from my HD. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1318320 I still have to boot from my thumbdrive (which is now in v3 and works well) :-/
  8. no, i've tried them all ^^ usually the drive is connected to the orange SATA_0 but i've tried all 6 of them, the GSATA_1 & 2 as well as in USB with the help of a SATA to USB adapter. the (small) annoying thing about my config now is that when I boot from the thumdrive I must then be in front of the screen to say I to the bootloader to boot my 10.6 of my HDD. is there anyway to overide the default OS X disk in the bootloader ? Or is there a good tuto somewhere on how to install that bootlader on a small usb disk that doesn't have a copy of the Snow Leopard install disc on it ? that would be a good enough workaround for me. but i'm still eager for answers on my prob.
  9. Thanks, i've checked and have rev 1.0, did latest BIOS update (not the beta one) and it has gone well --- No, sorry, i still have the same error :-/ I've seen that this pumpkin installer installs chameleon 2.0 RC3 and that the RC3 fix a bug about HDD with more than 1TB. perhaps the bugfix is still bugged ? Was anyone successful in making bootable a partition that is bigger than 1TB with that pumpkin installer ? apparently iOSX86_iATKOS did, but i'm a little bit reluctant in making another partition just for that :-/ --- Another issue I had was that on my system (with a AXLE geforce 9800 GTX+), I could not have Quartz GL enabled. this means : - Had no antialiased cocoa text( that's a pain, cause antialiased text is a killer feature and I could not live without it ) - If I changed my display resolution, I had a black screen (tips was to reset screen display and for that you have to press ctrl+shift+eject to force sleep display then press the "anykey " to wake up back). -some effect of mac os where not GPU accelerated and other where disabled (ie: the fade to black when you press cmd+esc to enter front row) but in my case, openGL hardware acceleration was working fine (i checked with OpenGL Extension Viewer) and Quartz Extrem was enabled (I cheked with Quartz Extrem Check) Finally, hours after searching for an understanding and a solution, i plugged my 24" to the other DVI port of the geforce ...and on this one Quartz GL was working flawlessly ! (YEAH ! )
  10. Mmm You have more luck than me, I have followed exactly the Lifehacker article but cannot boot directly from My HDD :-/ I have a Western Digital Caviar 1.5 TB hoocked on the orange/yellow SATA2_0 but when I bootstrap from it, I have the wollowing output on screen : boot 0: GPT boot 0: testing boot 0: testing boot 0: error nevertheless, I can boot using my thumb USB and then choose my HDD is the chameleon boot GUI. can someone heklp me to decrype the output I get from booting directly from the HDD ? Thank you. PS: if you ask : yes, I have copied the pumpkin installer on my desktop then have executed it to install on my 10.6 Volume. Hi, how do you know which version of the UD3P you have ? gygabyte site offers firmwares for v1.0, v1.1 and v1.6 of the motherboard. I don't know which one I have :-/ How can you tell ?
  11. Hi there, just have built same config has rodogg and I have the same problem this is not a BIOS issue cause snow Leo sees the card in the PCI device list in the "System profiler" Application. but under the "installed driver" column it is written No :-/ can You please all check which revision of the TEX-PCITXR you have please ? mine is version H/W : 3.1R and the cover of the user manual says 3.11 what about yours ?