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  1. Recently I have been playing dead space 2. The game is awesome! Though I have the refubished plasma cutter with me, and the plasma cutter Isaac makes at the beginning of the game. So is there a difference in speed or damage between them? Also which one looks better your guys opinion? Please help me voting, and if you also if you want to, leave a comment telling me why you voted for the one you did. Thanks for any help you guys can give me!
  2. Install IOS 4.2 on ipad

    No I don't have the ipad jailbroken.
  3. Install IOS 4.2 on ipad

    Does anybody know how to install IOS 4.2 on the ipad via itunes? I ask this because everytime I try to update it I get the error message. So could anybody help? I really want multitasking on my ipad. BADLY!!!
  4. Ok so for the past few months I've been using Microsoft office 2010 that has been running inside a virtual Windows machine in VMware Fusion to type most of my work for school. I don't mind really using it but since I only devote 2 gigs of ram to the machine it can be very sluggish, so should I just stick with what I have right now or get a copy of iwork 09. So please vote and leave a cooment below telling which I should go with.
  5. I've recently I've been working on a website for one of my friends, and I'm a long time Dreamweaver user. So to design the template I decided to use iWeb 09 for a change and when I exported it to Dreamweaver CS5 it would only display the code it wouldn't display the template. So is there a way to fix this? If anybody knows how to fix this problem please comment on telling me how to.
  6. He doesn't think about it that way.
  7. Ok just to clarify to everybody here I bought the Macbook Pro with my own savings, and I've already tried hackintoshing on my old hp laptop it doesn't work. Then finally I'm not buying another laptop because I have no more money to spend.
  8. Recently I've been playing a lot of Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7, and I've been trying to get my hp all the way to 99999. Though after I did the Hp up +999 trick, my hp only went up to 50801. So is there something I'm missing or doing wrong Equipment and level: Lv.60 Materia: Costly punch-MASTER AP+ 60% Mug-MASTER AP+ 100% Energy-MASTER MP+ 50% Quake-MASTER MAG+ 5 Ultima-MASTER MP+ 170% Curaga-MASTER HP+ 999% (I fused my HP up with my curaga) Accessories: Adaman Bangle Wizard Bacelet Power Suit Brutal So if anybody can help me figure this out that be majorly appreciated. Or if anybody could recommend any moves that might be better than the moves I have now that would also be appreciated.
  9. The "Explain your nickname" thread

    Because I'm the second biggest computer person in my house.
  10. Ok so if anyone else knows how to deal with this please do so and share you're idea.
  11. No my Dad just afraid it'll get damaged (because theres a few whack jobs at my school).Though I'm able to leave it with my homeroom teacher so it won't get damaged when I'm not using it.
  12. Nobody else uses a mac at my school, and I already tried installing OSX on my last HP laptop. Didn't work really well. and I bought the mac myself.