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  1. Sony Vaio

    kick, help still needed
  2. Sony Vaio

    thanks for the clear suggestion, i managed to fix the keyboard block, by installing the drivers on the disc with trackpad support. so im in my own sony vaio mini laptop, so far so good. There is no internet connection available, cable plugged in, no lights blinking
  3. Sony Vaio

    Hi, I installed OSX iAkatos on my sony vaio PCG-4L2M installed it, got a message the first time i booted that a reboot was needed. second boot i got the cameleon bootloader, pressed enter, got the apple and the swirly loading screen... did the -v boot and it seems to be stuck at a command line that has something with mDNS in the line. Any suggestion? thanks in advance i booted the ikatos disc and installed the network drivers, and now i can finally boot in to osx, the fancy spacy movie starts but then i get the message there is no keyboard connected... any help in this?