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  1. Really, thats strange. I searched in the search box and found my profile but when I use password recovery it says my information was not found. Anyway i'll stick with this account.
  2. My old account on InsanelyMac no longer exists, I don't think I was banned because I never posted. My username was "Johnomi".
  3. My Dell Vostro 1510 Hackintosh is 80% perfect, I am returning to school in september so I want to have a perfect laptop. But there some problems I cant fix. 1. Sleep - Every time my laptop goes to sleep on battery power, the display and keyboard do not wake up, but I the fans and hard drive start running. I have tried to get it working using different kexts and methods on InsanelyMac but none of them have worked for me. Sometimes I have work open and I end up loosing it, It drives me crazy! This is my most important issue so if anyone knows anything please help me! 2. Display Colours - whenever I set the display colours using system preferences the work just right for 2 seconds, and then jump back to normal. I don't know why. 3. Sound - I use the latest Voodoo HDA sound driver and the audio works fine. I can listen to music and play videos but every time I boot up I have to increase the output called PCM, this is unpractical and very annoying. My microphone doesn't work too so I cant use Skype or talk over iChat. 4. Firewire - I do a lot filming for people but I cannot import using firewire, OS X recognizes and can control my camcorder but cannot Import any footage onto my computer. This might just be my camcorder which is a Sony TRV, I hope so because I might be upgrading my camcorder soon. Thanks for reading and please help me before september.