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  1. Mirror for galaxies, I hate rapidshare with a passion. http://victori.uploadbooth.com/osx86/galaxies-32k-v2.zip 32k version. q8200(quad core)/8600GT - 32gflogs 8600GT - 48gflops --- okay? how is the hybrid approach slower?
  2. First off guys, stop giving bad advice, this is the {censored} that ruins installs! DO NOT RUN BSD.PKG from the installation disk over your current install. It will hose your /etc and WILL be locked out of your system. The SL main installer has post-install scripts that apply changes after the BSD.pkg installer to get your system working. Running BSD.PKG as is will just ruin it. Here is the receipt file for BSD.pkg just drop it into /Library/Receipts and disk utility repair permissions will work. http://victori.uploadbooth.com/osx86/bsd.pkg.tbz2 http://victori.uploadbooth.com/osx86 -- if you need any other files.
  3. Starting up a Web Design comapny

    And this is why I see sloppy spegetti code when clients pay me to fix their sites. Lets see, to be a competent developer now a days? What do you need to know? 1) knowledge of CSS and xhtml is a *must* - using dreamweaver or the like will get you no where, beyond a "hello world" cutsy site. 2) Have a good understanding of the MVC paradigm and object oriented programming. PHP5 is moving in the right direction but still makes baby jesus cry. 3) Have a good knowledge of client side scripting languages (javascript and actionscript). Pick up on a good solid framework such as Dojo. Macromedia/Adobe has been pushing flash8/actionscript towards interoperability with javascript. This really gives you the best of both worlds. 4) Know a thing or two about databases - LEARN ABOUT DATA INTEGRITY and FOREIGN KEYS! I get paid to clean up {censored} database schemas with dead references since the amateur before me never put in place foreign key constraints. GO MYSQL losers! There is a lot to being a -competent- web developer. Any monkey off the street can pick up on Dreamweaver and make something. Knowledge of the things I listed separates the boys from the men. You need to be universally in-tune with server side and client side coding, along side with a bit of photoshop,flash skill. Oh and to back up where my mouth is - some stuff I have made. http://ircmine.com/ http://letsgetdugg.com/ http://kranichformayor.com/ <-- paid to conform mambo to whatever this dude needed. Ya I think he lost. http://lamer0.com:8090/ <-- site in development for a huge corporation. http://fabulously40.com/ - the project that sparked my interest back in web development work. Even though its extremely rough since this is where I picked up on CSS and Photoshop. oh and I write for http://planet.catalystframework.org and I have also contributed code - specifically the SCGI engine. Ya I am not to keen on *design*, but I am getting there. Next.
  4. kernel can be hacked still, thats not the problem. The problem is it will REQUIRE HPET support, ie: a core duo motherboard. You might as well just buy an imac or mac mini at that price point - its only a few bucks more. So is hacking the kernel worth it if it requires a core duo ++ motherboard?
  5. Mac OS X 10.4.8

    its not kernel protected, new optimized functions were thrown in, which obviously are not there from libsys from 10.4.4
  6. good news, I got rosetta from 10.4.8 partially working. More to come.
  7. Okay kiddies, I found a major glaring hole in hack installs. Moral of the story - never use pacifist. Third party utilities are {censored}, trust apple with the utilities it provided you with! Don't USE PACIFIST IT; BREAKS SYMLINKS AT THE ROOT LEVEL. The following script will find broken symlinks on your install. There is a sligh bug where it picks up on .sizes files in reciepts, so just disregard that. This will enable you to fix your system so all aspects of OSX should start working. # By victori - give credit you stupid {censored}s! # ruby broken.rb require 'find' Find.find("/") do |source| if File.symlink?(source) #puts "sym: #{source}" unless File.file?(source) or File.directory?(source) puts "broken: #{source}" end end end
  8. Mac OS X 10.4.8

    okay kiddies got more fixes. currently rosetta in 10.4.8 is broken with ALL opengl applications. It references back to libstdc++ which is a core c++ function lib. Its missing new functions that it expects libsystem.b to have. To get it working, swap libstdc++ from 10.4.7 with the one that came with 4.8, and all should be well with rosetta. I am going to write a wrapper lib for libsystem.b so it passes the new unimplemented function to the old revision function. eerr I mean use the 4.7 libstdc instead of the one from 4.8 Did this make any sense? -Victor
  9. Aperture works, but will break on any instance of NSTimer. So it pretty much makes it useless for any general work. Final Cut Pro 5.1, broken completely. Anyone else care to confirm these results? got a quick fix for FCP 5.1, hide the dock and it seems to work. or if you have a x1600 card Update to 10.4.8 ATIRadeonGA* and ATIRadeonVA* kexts. -Victor
  10. Mac OS X 10.4.8

    http://uploadbooth.com/main/retrieve/50 This is my /etc/rc
  11. Mac OS X 10.4.8

    cd /usr/sbin ln -sf /System/Library/CoreServices/AppleFileServer.app/Contents/MacOS/AppleFileServer . Done. since you use aperture, is there any way to get aperture to NOT copy all the images to its lib? There is a setting in iPhoto to do this. I have not seen it in aperture as of yet. Big turn off. Since I like to organize the photos folder structurally myself (good for dvdr backups). -Victor
  12. Mac OS X 10.4.8

    Make sure to remove all third party kexts, there are two installed from parallels. hypervisor and pvsnet something. What works for me currently - is to boot into single user, execute /etc/rc and then exit to UI. Everything seems to work from there on. Hope this helps. I am on a SSE3/prescott system. Also move up kextload r2d2.kext line after the safeboot if statement. That enabled me to boot into multiuser properly from a normal boot (non-verbose). I am guessing it loaded the kext to late and it started executing encrypted binaries before it had a chance the load the tpm emulator. Oh and one last thing, parallels 1848 seems to work fine. Audio works in this old version. Everything after 1848 - audio has been broken. However you will need the pdtweaker hack to stop parallels from whoring your ram. -Victor
  13. Mac OS X 10.4.8

    this is the exact miss information I am talking about.
  14. Mac OS X 10.4.8

    Jas did all the preliminary work, kiko just packaged it. I had a slight hand in this by helping JaS get memberd working properly. So I know what this takes to get going. Obviously full credit goes to JaS figuring out what needed to be removed to get it to boot properly. Also there is a ton of miss information on this subject at the moment. I am seeing people state the kiko patch is fake, that 10.4.8 does not use /etc/rc.... just completely bogus {censored}. I am just hear to give it to you *directly*. Ya I can be ungrateful all I want, I am not going to sugar coat a turd. Majority of the people will just install this and obviously "break" their computer. Basically I am doing the people a favor by telling them to steer clear of this. -Victor
  15. Mac OS X 10.4.8

    Ok got it working after a bit of hacking. The new parallel's hypervisor kext breaks with 10.4.8. So remove that. AFP/HTTPD services are broken. Fix for AFP: Relink AppleShareServer in /usr/sbin properly. It is missing the starting '/'. Fix for HTTPD: repair permissions. Fix for potential boot stall: Remove hypervisor.kext Fix for garbage screen: replace OpenGL.framework with the 10.4.7 one Hope this helps anyone having issues. Also consider booting with -s and executing /etc/rc to get a verbose output on where its locking up or breaking. Has anyone got the new OpenGL.framework working by any chance? Overall - terrible release. -Victor