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  1. Hi, how i could add programs to the install DVD? i tryed to fix my boot.plist today and saw that there is no tool to edit files in the terminal. i mean it shouldn´t be hard to add VIM to the DVD. it would be much easyer for every one. I don´t know if it is on the JAS DVD because i use HOTiSO. But it would be a reason to switch ;-) so maybe it would be a nice idea for the next release. ralfi
  2. Driver ATI 9550

    hi there, sorry i don´t speak italian. could you tell me please.... did you got a 9550 to work without any problems? or at least what is that patched file good for? cu ralfi
  3. D-Link DWL-G520+ revision A there is allready a good working driver for Linux. they have a ACX111 (or ACX110) Chipset. some others e.g. Netgear are also using this.
  4. hi there, i´m also looking for a cheep card. i read the HCL but it is a little bit hard to understand. e.g. i need a AGP card but there is no information about PCI-X or AGP. there are also diffrent informaton for the same chipset. sometimes QE/CI is working sometimes not or only with patching. i´m planing to buy a "PowerColor 9600Pro EZ 256MB DVI/TV" with an ATI 9600pro chipset or a " Connect3D Radeon 9550 256MB DVI/TV-Out" with an ATI 9550 chipset. i´m using the HOTiSO 10.4.6. so would it be a good idea to buy on of this cards? i don´t want to spend 100 or more euro... cu ralfi
  5. Hi there, is it possible or isn´t it to run a OSX PC that hasn´t SSE but runs VMWare? for example i want to use VMware Mac OSX x86.HDD.Image VMWare-iND-tiger 13.08.2005.tar.bz2 as VMWare image. cu ralfi