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  1. Pease google "How to install Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on Intel D945GCLF2 Atom 330" and you will find a gide by Nozyczek with all the needed software and files to install from 10.6.6 to 10.7 I hope this helps.
  2. D945GCLF2 Snow Leopard

    Hi Methanoid! Since my update to 10.6.8 did not work I started to look into doing a retail installation of SL. I found an easy, detailed guide with all the files needed for a retail installation of SL 10.6.7 on this board. Now Nozycsek have the guide for the installation of 10.6.8 at the same page. Please google "How to install Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on Intel D945GCLF2 Atom 330", which is the tittle of the guide written by Nozyczek. With the installation guide I was able to install 10.6.7 and then upgrade to 10.6.8 without problems, so I am sure the guide for 10.6.8 will work just as well. Good luck
  3. D945GCLF2 Snow Leopard

    Well done! Can you share the dsdt.aml file with us? Maybe a complete install how to using this method is in order. Have anyone upgraded to 10.6.6 yet? Please post if you did.
  4. D945GCLF2 Snow Leopard

    You are right. My DSDT.aml was not loading, so that might be the reason why I had problems with USB. I will be upgrading another machine soon. I will try without replacing those kexts. As I said before, everything works on my machine with 10.6.5, except the mike input in the front and the fact that you have to manually switch the output source when you want to use the headphones jack in the front instead of using the line output. An interesting point is that everything indicates that the processor is running at 1.69 Ghz and not at 1.6 Ghz as is the original spec.. I do not know if that is the case. If anyone can verify this, please post.
  5. D945GCLF2 Snow Leopard

    I upgraded to 10.6.5 by downloading the combo upgrade file and installing it. Once you install 10.6.5 upgrade combo and before rebooting replace the the IOUSBFamily.kext and the IOUSBMassStorage.kext from S/L/E with the corresponding kexts from 10.6.4 or you will loose the USB functions (copy them to where you can access them, the desktop is fine, before you upgrade, then use the kext utility to install them). Also remove the AppleHDA file installed by the upgrade. You should already have the kernel renamed, so will be using the previous kernel. With the latest VoodooHDA just about all functions of sound work. Everything works on my machine. This are the kexts I have on /Extra/Extensions/: AppleIntelPIIXATA2.kext, Disabler.kext, EvOreboot.kext, fakesmc.kext, SleepEnabler.kext. I have VoodooHDA.kext in S/L/E/. Get the latest versions of VoodooHDA.kext and RTL1000.kext from kexts.com. RTL1000 comes as SnowR1000. You just double click and it installs. I installed the others during my initial install with iAtkos S3 V2. If anyone installs the latest versions of these other kexts, please post the results here. I have a USB Realtek RTL8187L network interface and it works well with the driver from iATKOS S3 V2 which I installed during the initial install.
  6. D945GCLF2 Snow Leopard

    I had this board with 10.5.8 installed for a while now but could not get 10.6 installed. I tried may different methods without success, including using iATKOS S3 V2. Finally last night I decided to forgo the importing of the settings from the Leo installation and was able to install it in the second try. Here is my setup. iATKOS S3 V2 The Bios setting are the same as Damien's. From iATKOS S3 V2 Customize before installation: Bootloader: Chamaleon V2 RC4, PC_EFI V10.6 Bootloader Options: None Kernel: Atom kernel Patches: /Extra directory, fakesmc, Disable, EVORboot Drivers: Intel SATA/IDE, GMA950 27AE Networking: Selected my Wireless RTL8187L only Clean install. Rebooted with DVD in drive, (I wanted to make sure I would get to the desktop) hit F8 and selected the HD. Booted fine. Dropped Damien's DSDT.aml in root directory, removed AppleHDA.kext from /System/Library/Extensions and ran kext utility. Reeboted, no DVD and it worked! At this point I only had one resolution available and it was not the one I wanted. So I modified com.apple.Boot.plist (using Damien's copy did not work) to include my resolution of choice. I used Software Update to install 10.6.4 update and rebooted. Got a kernel panic. The update had installed AppleHDA.kxt, so make sure that if you install the update remove AppleHDA.kext before rebooting the computer. After that it worked fine, with my desired the resolutions available. Issues that require resolution: Sound: Volume is not as high as in my Leo installation. It seems a bit noisy with control at high volume. Front panel Mike input is not working (same as Leo) My Ethernet have gone to sleep a couple of times. I need to install the proper kext. I have not tried Sleep yet. This was a painless installation after many nights of trying to get SL installed on this board. The key was not importing the setting from my Leo installation. Good luck to anyone trying this method.