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  1. ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    Damn... does this mean that we won't have to flash cards or buy Apple-tax cards at a premium anymore? I've been holding off on a graphics upgrade for a long time. Maybe I'll get a 6870 with Lion.
  2. Oh god ALC889

    Well, I got regular audio working with 2.7.1 VoodooHDA, but not SPDIF.
  3. Oh god ALC889

    I was finally able to try this, and I didn't work. I tried using Digital Dreamer's hackinstaller utility (which can be used to install kexts), I tried installing via dragging/dropping and command line stuff, and finally I tried the Kext Utlity. Nothing. Does anyone have any damn idea what I'm doing wrong? Or why this just doesn't work?
  4. Oh god ALC889

    Thanks, I'll give that a try.
  5. Oh god ALC889

    So I have tried almost everything and anything to get this goddamned audio working. Multiple, different, DSDT patches or find and replaces. Multiple, different, binary-patched AppleHDA.kext files. I tried using this guide. VoodooHDA.kext. No dice with anything. Sorry for being a bit over dramatic...but I have everything else that is important working. I feel like VoodooHDA.kext would be the best route for me, but I cannot get the freaking prefpane working. I have tried installing it before I install the kext, while I install the kext, after installing the kext and rebooting, etc. etc. I've tried installing it for only my user, or for all users. Ever single time, I get the "Can't get registry-path" error. No matter what I do. I just want audio without having to buy a firewire audio interface right now. I don't really have the money for one, even a cheap one. I have the DFI X58-t3eh8 board. I used (use) Digital Dreamer's script. Someone, please tell me what to do. I am so lost. ;_;
  6. How did you get restart working?
  7. So, since the binary-patched AppleHDA.kext for my ALC889 didn't work, I figured I'd give the VoodooHDA.kext and prefpane a try. Problem: when I try to load the prefpane, I get an error "Can't get registry-entry path" and System Preferences crashes. Any ideas? I just want sound.
  8. "arch=i386" will boot you in 32-bit mode. Remove it to boot into 64-bit mode, if that is what you're asking.
  9. My problem is that I have an ALC889. Different board...different soundcard. And yes, I was using an AppleHDA.kext patched for my soundcard.
  10. MAJ, any ideas re: sound if the binary patched AppleHDA.kext doesn't work?
  11. Yeah, so, the binary-patched AppleHDA.kext didn't work. I guess I'll give VoodooHDA a try. Any other ideas?
  12. Do I need HDAEnabler.kext or LegacyHDA.kext? I assume no, so I'll move them into the repository. Also, what is the purpose of the NVEnabler kexts? I assume that, since I got my graphics working through an EFI string, I don't need them? Also, is it ok for me to take out all of the kexts, aside from the one I'm installing, or will that mess up my boot caches and installed kexts and whatnot? (I'm doing that anyway, and rebooting. We'll see what happens.) Edit: Yep, couldn't even boot due to the lack of fakesmc, lol.
  13. I love you! That did the trick. Now, back the the patched AppleHDA.kext...when I look at the kext installer in the script, it wants to install a bunch of other stuff beside the patched AppleHDA.kext, obviously because there is stuff in /Boot_Disk/, /_ATA/, /_Audio/, etc. Now, should I just go and remove everything aside from the kext I want to install? I don't need ATY_Init.kext, and since everything else is working I guess I don't actually need any of the other kexts, either. Still, thank you so damn much!
  14. Thanks. This was all my own doing (running pfix like an idiot), so whatever. So my preboot CD and/or install DVD will boot up in a different way? Interesting. (And yes, that disk is correct. I have a lot of HDDs in my computer right now, and I don't always plug what should be my first drive into the first SATA port. )