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    Snow Leopard and Windows 7

    Since many of the finer elements of application support, feel and performance have been covered I'd like to add a point of my own to this fine discussion. I have tendency to draw on (and maybe sound a bit like a {censored}) a bit so have patience or carry on reading something else. The topic is: Networking Technologies. A disclosure: I am a fairly new Mac user (got my lovely ScummBucketofLove - my Macbook Pro last year) but have worked proffesionally with Windows systems until I deciede to do something more worthwhile with my life. My point is: Windows networking sucks. The reasons for this lay primarily in the fact that Microsoft have done little to promote mDNS or any discovery technology beyond UPnP services on Windows networks. For a home user this is a complete disaster and the mere fact that it can take tens of minutes before Windows attempts to find any computer near itself, or even beyond it's own "Workgroup" (a concept that is fine on paper but is a punishment in and of itself) is laughable! How about some zero-config love? To find a printer or a visiting friends share on the network without having to mess around with workgroups, computer names or addresses? I would call that a weight of my heart. I don't think I have to introduce Bonjour or it's open source implementation Avahi which both are a blast to work with and use: just mark "share" or add the resource to the avahi config file and it will show up on the network for any zeroconf compatible system. Awesome! OSX have had this since the age of myth so it's more relevant here to speak of the improvements done in Win7. I like how much speedier discovery works and how much less one needs to work with permissions. Also they seem to have implemented some kind of "zeroconf" like system - I have yet to dissect all of it. What I can say is that Win 7 is a big improvement on a much needed front, regardless of other stuff under the hood covered by others in the thread. However, that it took nearly 10 years to come to the point of recognizing something as basic as this is crime in and of itself.