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  1. Never heard of this , what is speedstep and how it affect battery life ? and how to make it work probably ? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I'm wondering why hackintosh destorys Laptop batteries, I installed Snow Leopard 10.6.3 using MODCD on my HP dv6 Laptop and it decreases 1% per minute ! even its performance completely changed when using Windows after installing Hackintosh. So I decided to stop using Hackintosh until I find a solution for this issue. even now I prepared a USB Lion installer using Maldon Guide on My HP Desktop and tried to install it on this Laptop , just minutes of "System uptime in nanoseconds is X" and stuck at it andwhen I booted to Windows again 100%----> 77% !! Is it just me or I'm missing something ? Does Hackintosh drains and corrupts Batteries ? Does Battery performance and uptime changes/decreases ? I'm really sad for may battery and for being not able to use Mac on my Laptop. Note : ModCd auto-installs battery kext
  3. I have the same card, does it work out-of-the-box or you need to boot into 32-bit?
  4. قاموس إنجليزي-عربي والعكس

    جامد آخر فيصل
  5. ارجوكو يا رجال

    يوجد عدة طرق لتعريف كارت ATI 5000 Series ١. على سنو ليوبارد استخدام تعريفات ال اى تى اى من نظام الليون مع مسح تعريفات النيفيديا ٢. الترقية لظام ليون الى فيه تعريفات الاى تى اى بسهولة ٣. استخدام برنامحج مالتى بيست واختيار تنصيب تعريفات الاى تى اى
  6. This update came too fast
  7. Ignore the windows problem, I repeated the whole Guide and booted from the flashdrive and the same thing happened, see the attached stuck picture BTW this happens seconds after choosing Mac OS X Base System from the Flash Chameleon List Tried booting using cpus=1 and it loaded a lot more lines but it stuck too .
  8. Stuck on "Systemuptime in nanoseconds is 37909(Somenumber)" Despite I installed Chameleon to the Pendrive it changed my Snow's Bootloader and windows no longer boots ( I use modcd to boot into windows )
  9. Thanks a lot for the Guide Successfully got it working in my HP Dv6-3151ee ( i5 not i7 ) I have those questions : 1. After updating to 10.6.7 using compo update why do we have to use patched kernel if i5 Processors are natively supported since 10.6.4 ??? 2. Why batter drains ?? ( Almost 1% per minute ) 3. Will Hackintosh affect Batter Life and it's time on windows ? and will it affect harware performance ? Thanks a lot bTw tonymacx86 developed a bootloader called Chimera ( branch of Chameleon ) which provide ATI 5650 support , I'll try it after updating to 10.6.7 and w'll let u know Please reply ASAP
  10. I returned to 10.6.1 Kexts but didn't work tried Nvinject.kext, NVEnabler64.kext, Natit.kext, ANY_tit.kext and nothing happened Please Help 8800GTX VGA-VGA
  11. Hi Brothers, My Graphics Card is nVidia GeForce GT130 ( aka 8800 GTX ) Was working great on 10.6.0, Then I updated to 10.6.2 ( I wish i wouldn't ) , Rebooted and I got a blue screen, So I booted into old leopard 10.5.6 and updated my Chameleon to RC4 ( Was Rc3 ) Hoping it will solve the issue and it did but the graphics was low 1024*768, I tried all kexts on the world but none of them made a change, Tried EFI strings but nothing happened too, I googled a lot and it seems that some people got problems because of this rc4 thing so I returned back to rc3 but this time it worked and no blue screen but the same low graphics without qe/ci. I asked sn0le, a hackint0sh guides maker and he asked about the cable and the moniter and I told him that I have a VGA cable and LG Flatron L192WS Moniter, He replied that vga may not work under 10.6.2 until someone make a 100% Efi string for it . But it was working on 10.6 without problems ! is this true , do I really need a DVI moniter which I don't have money to buy now ? Thanks a lot
  12. I couldn't install Leopard or Snowleopard becauseof the bios so i couldn't access the dsdt patching step
  13. Hi PPL, Hp pavilion elite desktops need to be bios flashed so you can install snow leopard or leopard , the latest flashed version is 5.17 which cause proplems to new pc's , my pc came with preloaded 5.39 and i hope that you will make a modded version of it http://www.mediafire.com/?0tl5ozywzkw Merci D'avance
  14. I am sorry but megaupload is banned on Saudia Arabia , here it is i uploaded it for you on mediafire : http://www.mediafire.com/?0tl5ozywzkw Thanks For the Author , First Post on Page 2
  15. Hi guys , is there any kext for this wireless adapter ? Ralink RT2790 802.11n 1T/2R miniCard Wireless Network Adapter PCI http://www.ralinktech.com/product.php?s=22