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  1. I would like to bump this thread. I've got the same issue on a Gigabyte x58a motherboard. But I don't think this is a bootloader problem, but a USB issue. Even with proper flags, permission repair, etc. I've had no luck.
  2. Sorry for the slightly off-topic (ok, mostly off-topic) questions, but if I could just close the loop on one of mine. Are you changing your dsdt p-state voltage values for each change in overclock? When I ran p-state changer to get values at both stock speed and overclocked (with a dsdt without any p-state info), the fid and vid numbers were identical at each speed. Is this your experience as well? The overclocking experience seems fairly fragmented on the forum and I haven't been able to get a clear idea about this in relation to p-states in the dsdt, especially for our processor. Thanks!
  3. mm67, kdawg, keeza and anyone overclocking: Are you adjusting your dsdt values (fid, vid) for each change in overclocking? It seems the story on c-states is still evolving. I also recently got a q9550. The first chip I got had a Vcore of 1.2125, but 2 of the cores never changed temp on Prime 95 and it didn't seem to overclock well (bad sensors perhaps). The replacement from Intel has a Vcore of 1.270 and can run 3.8GHz on air without adjusting the Vcore at all. So, not sure stock Vcore is as important to a stable overclock as other factors. Thanks for the great guidance! msm
  4. "Is the problem only when you select osx? By "nothing shows up" you mean a totally blank screen? Or does it just return to the ntloader" This is the problem I'm having with the chain0 method...when selecting OSx86 from the ntloader, the screen os dark for a moment and then it returns to the nt loader. Any ideas? Thanks.