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    akhenamenra reacted to yokushy in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    succes instal on "asus p6t" all working  on 10.9
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    akhenamenra reacted to rev4turbomonster in Help please with the final piece of my hackintosh puzzle   
    Hi guys really need some help with the final part of my install please.
    I am running an asus p6t se with nvidia gt640 12gb ram and various sata hard drives.  Everything is running very well sound,graphics,network even managed to get the microphone working for facetime and skype.  
    One final thing is letting the side down and that is the sleep functionality.  The machine will go to sleep perfectly but once in that state will not wake and I am forced to cut the power and reboot.  I don't believe it is resetting the cmos as I am not prompted to change any of the bios which I believe is the sympton of a cmos reset.
    Are there any kexts I need to add or remove to get this final thing working.  If there are please can you share them with me to test.
    Many thanks
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    akhenamenra reacted to ErmaC in AppleHDA patching in Mountain Lion   
    -= ADI AD2000B =-

    First of all I wont give the proper credits.
    - Samantha (aka Revogirl, DHP) R.I.P. we miss you. For the script (Inflate/Deflate zlib)
    - TimeWalker75a , I suppose is the same as TimeWalker on Applelife.ru post #338
    for find the binpatch for this controller.
    So let's go.
    1) The binpatch

    sudo perl -pi -e 's|\xff\x87\xec\x1a\x0f\x8f\x53\x01\x00\x00|\x9b\x98\xd4\x11\x0f\x84\x2a\x01\x00\x00|g' AppleHDA sudo perl -pi -e 's|\xff\x87\xec\x1a\x0f\x8f\x2f\x01\x00\x00|\x9b\x98\xd4\x11\x0f\x84\x06\x01\x00\x00|g' AppleHDA
    2) DSDT edits for HDEF (We change from Layout 12(0C) to 99(63)
    3) The compressed .xml and .info files (layout99.xml.zlib, Platforms.xml.zlib, Info.plist)
    Need to be replaced in the proper positions.
    Here the Already patched Mountain Lion AppleHDA GM(RTM) for AD2000b -->
    New version in the download section http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/17-applehda-for-ad2000b/
    Note: A warning to people who take and upload this files on other sites.
    Remember to give the right credits!
    EDIT: reupload the correct file and patched kext
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    akhenamenra reacted to ErmaC in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    We are off topic here with Mountain Lion...
    but based on eep357's legacy kext I include the "changes" into a new AppleAHCIPort.kext (THX eep357)
    Is for Mountain Lion (10.8.2) install it with Kext Wizard (in System/Library/Extensions/) rebuild cache e repair disk permission.
    > AppleAHCIPort.kext
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    akhenamenra reacted to maltba in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to share the outcomes of my work with you. got my rampage 2 extreme fully working !with! Audio.
    1.Use the MLionize Script to make your boot medium.
    2.Install(maybe you will need GraphicsEnabler=No)
    3.don't run the finalize thing
    4.start again with the usb stick
    5.install chameleon: Chameleon-2.1svn-r2042.pkg.zip
    **maybe you don't need this step**
    6.make a new folder called Extra on the root of your installation hard drive
    7.copy this into it:DSDT.aml.zip
    8.generate a smbios.plist place it in /Extra too(or just use the one from the usb stick)
    9.generate a com.chameleon.boot.plist place it in /Extra too(or just use the one form the usb stick)
    (Chameleon Wizard is a good tool for 8. & 9.)
    For Audio
    -Download this:Kext Utility.zip
    and this: ***wrong one look at the bottom****AD2000b-ML-10.8-AppleHDA.kext patch credits to ErmaC here post #70****
    -Extract both and just drop the AppleHDA.kext at the Kext Utility App
    make you you've installed the correct DSDT(the one from 7.)
    -reboot and enjoy
    everything seems to work now. though i don't tested sleep yet. I'll report back when i've tested it. sleep works well.
    edit:// who the {censored} changed the AD2000B kext? THIS IS THE WRONG ONE! this kext is missing the Info.plist at AppleHDA.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext/Contents/Info.plist! if you don't believe me check it yourself. i've fixed that problem. thats why its working for me -.-
    here is the CORRECT File: http://freakshare.com/files/85z2yc39/AppleHDA.kext.zip.html
    CREDITS GO to ErmaC! but i've fixed the kext he provided here: patch credits to ErmaC here post #70
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    akhenamenra reacted to Regi Yassin in New features for Chameleon Preference Pane   
    not working with ML
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    akhenamenra reacted to tot318 in Mountain lion GM on the x58 P6T-SE   
    I have Asus P6T (vanilla) board and successfully installed ML using this method http://translate.goo...zHazATIa1YNWMzg

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    akhenamenra reacted to syn909 in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    I am experiencing a CMOS reset after upgrading to ML 10.8, anytime I restart or reboot. I have applied the Binpatch to AppleRTC.kext as we had to do in 10.7 but no dice.
    Is anyone having the same issue? If not what have you done to resolve it?
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    akhenamenra reacted to syn909 in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    Solution for 10.8 CMOS reset!!
    EDIT (This was for 10.7 and did not fix my problem:
    I figured it out, I was using the wrong bin patch for a different board. Anyways here is the proper bin patch to fixe AppleRTC cmos resets on restart/shutdown (it was pasted way back on this thread):
    sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x75\x30\x44\x89\xf8|\xeb\x30\x44\x89\xf8|; s|\x75\x3d\x8b\x75\x08|\xeb\x3d\x8b\x75\x08|' /System/Library/Extensions/AppleRTC.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleRTC  
    @akhenamenra You dont want to be using older Kexts, I keep everything here vanilla! Use the binpatch
    10.8 Bin Patch AppleRTC to fix CMOS reset according to rayap must put in /Extra/Extension : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=276066

    sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x75\x30\x89\xd8|\xeb\x30\x89\xd8|' /Extra/Extensions/AppleRTC.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleRTC
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    akhenamenra reacted to tot318 in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    I'm not sure which method did you use to install ML as I was using Ermac's Mountain-Lionize script and it has all the DSDTs for most of Asus X58 boards.

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    akhenamenra reacted to ErmaC in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    Sorry guys...
    but I'm really busy!
    ML AppleHDA for AD2000b --> #70
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    akhenamenra reacted to tot318 in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    @akhenamenra, I don't know what exactly went wrong on your side, for me it was pretty simple and straight forward installation of the ALC1200 patched AppleHDA.kext. You can delete the 10.8 AppleHDA.kext file and then by using Kext Wizard just installed the patched AppleHDA.kext and use Kext Utility to repair permission and rebuild the kernel cache.

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    akhenamenra reacted to scott_donald in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    can you post a copy of it here??? i dont have working sound on my lion install... as just use it for testing!!!
    edit... updated my test drive from 10.7.2 to 10.7.4 and then just copied over... backed up the original too... working sound!!!
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    akhenamenra reacted to Martytoof in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    I got tired of looking for answers, so I just backed up my 10.8 AppleHDA.kext, removed it, then copied my 10.7.4 working AppleHDA.kext over into 10.8, ran Kext Utility, rebooted, and voila -- sound!
    Really not the best way to do it I'm sure, but I just wanted some sound.
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    akhenamenra reacted to Martytoof in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    Well I tried to go by this guide as well, so once I booted into ML I did the following:
    cd ~/Desktop/Mountain-Lionize/Base
    finalize /Volumes/Mountain\ Lion\ HDD
    and it installed Chameleon and did some patching, probably rebuilt my kext cache.
    However it didn't seem to install FakeSMC.kext or anything like that. I had to manually copy those over from my boot USB stick. Still no audio, unfortunately.
    It seems like there is some step that I'm just missing but I'm not sure what. I know some people have used this method successfully so I'm hoping someone can chime in with what we should be doing after everything is "installed".
    Also, using the LATEST post 10.7.4 DSDT (i7 920) I managed to get a quick boot. No more waiting a minute for IOPIC to return on bootup.
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    akhenamenra reacted to tot318 in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    Go here http://www.insanelym...howtopic=161430 and get the second method ALC_1063.zip file. Unzip it and installed the AppleHDA.kext using ####### and rebuild my kernel cache using Kext Utility and reboot.
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    akhenamenra reacted to tot318 in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    I also would like to thank Ermac for the Mountain Lion guide, I have managed to install ML to my Asus P6T, i7 920. Everything works fine, audio, lan and also sleep.
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    akhenamenra reacted to vonmolk in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    Thanks Ermac for the Mountain Lion guide. Was able to get it running on my Rampage II Extreme using your guide. Only thing not working is the audio. Other than that thank you again for the excellent work.
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    akhenamenra reacted to eep357 in Which video card supports airplay?   
    Apple TV
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    akhenamenra reacted to allenwkk in mountain lion ASUS p6t SE   
    attached is the loader and the Extra folder.. Enjoy.
    loader with extra.zip
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    akhenamenra reacted to ytrox in mountain lion ASUS p6t SE   
    Tnx I will get a try asap
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    akhenamenra reacted to ErmaC in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    C'mon guys....
    more than 70 download and only 5 feedback???
    I would find a common solution but I need help...
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    akhenamenra reacted to ErmaC in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    How you set your mac model?
    MacPro3,1 / 4,1 / 5,1 ???
    Here my FakeSMC (one of the latest from mozodojo aka kozlek) the Info.plist are set in Debug off
    Anyway... I have no time for more test... but someone as say with my old version of DSDT 3.3(specific CPU) we are able to boot w/o replace the AppleACPIP.kext?
    What about th startup time?
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    akhenamenra reacted to eep357 in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    I don't know about any of the scripts, but manual instal of Mountain Lion (so far=DP3 upd2) on Asus x58 is almost identical to 10.7.4, including rollback of AppleACPIPlatform.kext which has been needed since first ML DP1 to fix long hang during boot on Sabertooth and other x58(probably all of them, just can't confirm), although it does not KP without the rollback, it seems like it does. I have had no ill effects from using the older version, and actually, for reasons I cannot remember anymore, have been using the Snow Leopard version of that kext since at least 10.7.0 and possible even the early Lion developer previews(which may be were it was first needed and I just carried it over to through each new update). I need to start keeping a journal or something cause it all gets blended together in my head after a while
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    akhenamenra reacted to falconnl in [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx   
    It only worked for me by installing the combo update an not to reboot afterwards. So when the installation of the combo update is done leave that window open and do not restart. Then install the kext AppleACPIPlatform.kext with kext wizard like ErmaC said. Then you can reboot. The only thing that didn't work was audio. But with the lionize.zip file which was posted a few posts above everything works perfectly..
    Thnx ermac for the great guide you have written to install OSX Lion... Is a guide for mountain lion also an option for the x58 motherboards or is it almost the same as osx lion?