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  1. wireless Keyboard

    Unfortunalty I haven't found this option in my BIOS. Mayby there is another way to fix it. Hey people, no one know how to resolve my problem!? It's imposible I've found this option. I set up in bios halt on - no errors Right now i haven't got eny errors but keyboard still dosn't respond. In grub i can't choose other systems and computer start with default (linux). After that keyboard start working properly. What can I do els to fix it?
  2. wireless Keyboard

    Hi everyone Maybe you will know solution of my problem. My keyboard is Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard 1.1. When I choose macosx86 in bootloader everything is ok (exept mouse is too slow), but after rebooting computer doesn't start because of keyboaed. On the monitor it shows inscription "no keyboard found". Then I have to plug in my old ps/2 keyboard, start computer (linux) and restart. After this operation it's OK. What's wrong and how can I retrieve it. Thanks a lot in advance for yors help.
  3. Hello I've got a nvidia 6600 GT tv-out and the problem is that i can't force to get picture on tv screen. On Linux everything is ok. I've installed macvidia. System works fine but I like watching films on tv. What shall i do to force it to work? P.S. I'm not english native speaker so... Greetings