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  1. Lenovo B580 ALC269VC

    I found that thread, as I understand, it's a problem with combo jack variants only. Z580 has 2 separate jacks so it works for him. Also, his layout and platforms are already included in latest AppleALC with id 28...
  2. Lenovo B580 ALC269VC

    Or probably codec commander needs additional config to work... Edit: Well, I configured codec commander, now log says: Node ID 0x14 (and 0x15) supports EAPD, will update state after sleep. So it appears to be working. Kinda... Still no input tho. Maybe there's some other commands I need to add into custom commands array? Also I noticed that when laptop wakes up from sleep, the Input level indicator in settings jumps up, this also happens when I plug in or pull out the jack. So there is some feedback, but no sound.
  3. Lenovo B580 ALC269VC

    No. Installed into S/L/E. Still doesn't work. But I tested skype and it appears to capture "static noise", this wasn't the case before. Tried plugging in into iPhone to make sure it actually does work. It works on iPhone, so not hardware issue.
  4. Lenovo B580 ALC269VC

    Tried, internal speaker works, headphones work. Input devices show internal mic but does not capture any sound with or without external mic connected.
  5. Lenovo B580 ALC269VC

    I'm really grateful for your effort!
  6. Lenovo B580 ALC269VC

    I have vanilla AppleHDA (just confirmed). Only patched DSDT. Just tried again, clover inject id 12, DSDT - 0x0c. No sound devices visible.
  7. Lenovo B580 ALC269VC

    Tried, layout 12 does not produce any sound. No inputs/outputs. I'm thinking maybe I have an error somewhere else? Might this be related to DSDT patch or something? I'm patching DSDT with patch from AppleHDA Patcher but changing the layout id there. #Automatically adjusted by AppleHDA Patcher.app # original by RehabMan # Inject Audio info into method label _DSM parent_label HDEF remove_entry; into device label HDEF insert begin Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized)\n {\n If (LEqual (Arg2, Zero)) { Return (Buffer() { 0x03 } ) }\n Return (Package()\n {\n "AAPL,slot-name", Buffer() { "Built in" },\n "layout-id", Buffer() { 0x0c, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 },\n "device_type", Buffer() { "Audio Controller" },\n "built-in", Buffer() { 0x00 },\n "PinConfigurations", Buffer() { },\n "hda-gfx", Buffer() { "onboard-1" }\n })\n }\n end
  8. Lenovo B580 ALC269VC

    Yes, every single one of them. 28 works best, but still no external mic. Others either work only for internal or external speakers or does not work at all.
  9. Lenovo B580 ALC269VC

    Hello. I'm desperately asking for help with this infernal codec spiced but lenovo. I tired everything. The problem with this one is that the jack is combined - headphones + microphone, and I really need external microphone to work. I don't care about build-in mic, it could be disabled altogether. I don't know what's wrong, I tried everything. Tried using AppleHDA Patcher and putting pin config, layout and platform from AppleALC, but that resulted in nothing, I tried patching AppleHDA myself using various guides but still nothing. Wasted 4 whole days trying to get this to work, still nothing. The best results I could get are from AppleALC with Layout ID28 (Lenovo Z580) - speakers and internal mic worked. Speakers switched to headphones when jack was plugged in, but internal mic was still not switched off and external didn't work. Attached linux codec dump. If more info is needed - I'll provide anything. I'm begging for help. Please! codec0.zip
  10. [Help] Installing on GA-G33M-S2

    I can't use this guide I don't have this. I need one WITHOUT using already installed leo. Also i can't expand the provided in the guide USB Stick image because i don't have any OSX installed...
  11. Hello. I have a problem installing SL. I've got retail DVD on written on disk. I have Windows 7 installed as my primary OS on second partition (it's bootable currently) Also i have an old Leopard 10.5.6 install on first partition that doesn't boot (i don't want to fix it). I have DSDT.aml build for my system (got it from old leopard partition). How to install SL without killing all my hard drive info, just using first leo partition? I have 8GB usb stick that i can boot from but i don't have other hdd to install on.
  12. kextd crash loop

    Bump. Same here. All was fine but now crashes with infinite loop. BTW i can boot the system with -x.
  13. AVI File Correction Software

    Thanks! Works like it should!
  14. I'm looking for some AVI file correction software. I'm using Wii as a media player (MPLayerWii homebrew) and it is very sensitive for avi corruption. On windows i used VirtualDub Direct Stream Copy option to correct errors. Is there something like vdub or an avi correcting apps for mac? I've tried Episode Pro with Xvid preset and turned encoding options off but it doesn't preserve the video size (wtf? ), if i have 704x406 it will make it 341x256. Visual hub does not have a video encoding feature turn off. Anyone can help?
  15. So the only thing windows is still alive on my hdd is a few games. I've tried to use VMWare 2.0 but all games i've tried are complitely uplayable (RFOnline, Lineage 2, Rohan Online etc...). FPS is 1-2 (10-15 in RF). My card (GeForce 7600GS) supports QE/CI and i have not bad results with XBench. So i want to ask whats the problem? I think my pc can hold any of above games with minimum settings even with virtualization. Core 2 Quad 2.4 Q6600 2 GB Ram GeForce 7600GS Leopard 1.5.3 Vanilla NVInject 0.2.1 And yes i've turned on 3D Acceleration in settings. And yes i've tried to reinstall VMTools after it. Sorry for my bad english