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  1. Curious to see if there has been any progress made on this little corner of the soundcard world - specifically the VIA Envy24HT-S (24-bit, 192 kHz; interfaces: three output I2S/AC-links, two input I2S/AC-links)? As few might know, a number of professional sound cards (as well as a couple of consumer cards) use the Envy 24 chip and I amongst others am aching to put it to good use with OSX86 and its glorious variety of musical software. If there's been any progress or insight into a working kext, I'd love to know. ESI-Pro actually have a driver for OSX which fails to work in OSX86 of course. They have done their research as any good company and have stated their reason for not creating an OSX86 driver - being that Intel Mac's don't and never will have standard PCI slots they don't see reason to create a driver. Keeping in mind that an OSX driver exists, it shouldn't really be all that difficult to simply modify it into x86. Then again my knowledge of programming is close to zero, so I may be wrong, but sure as heck makes me regret giving up learning programming years ago. Anyway, if anyone has heard anything, please do respond in here