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  1. Hi, I have some issues with 10.6.3 64 retail on GA-ep43-ds3 Since my update to 10.6.3 and replaced sleep enabler kext I have problem from time to time to wake the PC. It just shows me a black sreen and no video signal. The other problem is that after wake up my time machine starts to backup 3gb of data, wich is not a new data (I have not install any programs or files,nothing). the next problem is that It goes to sleep automaticly few houres before my set for 1.00am, not every time. So if see this kind of problems, please tell me, 10x I want to tell you that on 10.6.2 the machine was stable as a rock, and tehre was no problems like those above.
  2. I just tested and confirm that with blackosx's guide for GA-EP45-DS3L everything works on GA-EP43-DS3, even the Schedule Start up or wake and Shut Down, Restart, Sleep from System Prefernces > Energy Saver Thanks again to blackosx!
  3. Oooo I know where is the problem, a couple months ago I unchecked the option "Start up automatically after a power failure" in Energy Saver Now sleep works perfect! blackosx thanks for your quick response
  4. Here it is, only the sleep info from 12:14 pm to 12:15 pm, The main problem is that a month ago the sleep worked, but now no, the only thing I did: - Instal the HDAEnabler and LegacyHDA wich turns on aduio alc888 - but the problem is not from there - I tested - Made my 2nd HDD with Win7 to boot in VMware - And replaced LegacyHDA from /E/E with one of the your last guide for 10.6.2
  5. Hi, again I have GA-EP43-DS3, and I'm using my own compiled DSDt.aml, only with two strings edited inside those Lenghts: Device (RTC) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0B00")) Name (ATT0, ResourceTemplate () { IO (Decode16, 0x0070, // Range Minimum 0x0070, // Range Maximum 0x00, // Alignment 0x04, // Length !!! -----------------> change 0x04 to 0x02 !!! ) }) Name (ATT1, ResourceTemplate () { IO (Decode16, 0x0070, // Range Minimum 0x0070, // Range Maximum 0x00, // Alignment 0x04, // Length !!! -----------------> change 0x04 to 0x02 !!! ) And nothing more, just because is really hard for me to understand it and for some reaseon I can't comipeld without an errors when I'm trying to editing something. I saw some topics that says that can fix the sleep issue with DSDT.aml, so could you please tell me wich exact section should be editet and what to replace. If some one whants to help me with editing e runing the sleep, I will be very thankful I can send you my kernel log to see whats happend during the sleep, in general after wake-up it's just restart
  6. OK I saw the difference, the old LegacyHDA has a BuiltInHDA string and the new LegacyHDA don't. So can you confirm that the new LegacyHDA (without BuiltInHDA string) will work on 10.6 and 10.6.1 (This is for the cases when I want to make a fresh install of SL and start from 10.6) If the new LegacyHDA (without BuiltInHDA string) works on 10.6 and 10.6.1 it will be great, one file less for replacing and managing
  7. OK, thank for the answer. I have one more question about LegacyHDA.kext As I mention on the my previous post. I used all of your files since spetember wich includes LegacyHDA.kext. The file size that I have from this time is LegacyHDA.kext - 74 KB on disk (72 328 bytes). But in your PDF part 4 guide at the end of 3rd page you wrote: "If you currently have a 10.6.2 installation then you will need to replace two of those files with the ones in /Support Files/Part4/3/Kexts/For 10.6.2/ - LegacyHDA.kext - SleepEnabler.kext" (I replaced the SleepEnabler.kext so be able to use 10.6.2) But I didn't replace the LegacyHDA.kext and I'm using the old one wich is LegacyHDA.kext - 74 KB on disk (72 328 bytes). I checked your "new" LegacyHDA.kext from the Support Files.zip and the size of it is - 74 KB on disk (70 354 bytes) So as you can see the file from the very first archive is 72 328 bytes, and the "new" one is 70 354 bytes. Could you please tell me is this file really a new one or is just the same, I didn't have any issue with the "old" one (72 328 bytes) 10x
  8. HI, I'm using your guide since sptember on GA-EP43-DS3, and have no problems at all, not even a single kernel panic, just works great (tanks blackosx). I'm running it al 64bit, anda the only thing that doesn't work proeprly is the sleep mode. When I press sleep button, it goes to sleep, and after if I move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard it comes to live imediatly, and it works. BUT the problem is when I left the comp to sleep like more than 5 minutes, and after moving the mouse the comp kust restart. So my question does anybodiy has the same problem, and if yes how can be fixit, should be something from the BIOS (mine is F9 vesrion and as I know is set just like the guide, exept few options that are missing because the version of the mainboard)
  9. Well I click on the link you post on here but still the same just open a new window and reload the same page of you guide with all the info from yout first post on august and nothing abouth Duvel or any other news updates I know what to expect to shows me as posts right below your original one bit nothing shows
  10. WHy when I click on >here< link Duvel300 has updated his RestartFix! This new version doesn't require us to add the FADT.aml to /Extra. Read more here. It shows me the same page and there is now any post about Duvel300
  11. I confirm successful installation on GA-EP43-DS3 with this BootCD, and Voodoo 64bit, BUT I found a strange problem, when there is a CD or DVD into the DVD drive (mine is LG GH22NS30) the drive becom after few minutes unreachable and can't take out the cd and blocking all my Snow Leopard, and when I restart the bios has a problem to identify the dvd drive. Does any one has the same problem? And after sleep the sound is crappy too. Cheers!
  12. Here is what I found and use and there is no the crisp sound at the beginning http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gihnyzggy1z it just work perfet, BUT first remove the same filename kext, before install this ones cheers
  13. 10.6 Generic Retail Install Guide

    The problem was becsause I transferr al my files, after that I reinstall, and register a new user than restart, BUT after restart the keyboard and the mouse are not responding about 6 min. after that it works, but still all mt kext doesn't work on 64bit
  14. 10.6 Generic Retail Install Guide

    I did it it; working but after I register a new account and transfer all my data when I tried to restart and than start again form the boot132 (for 10.6) it gives me a kernel panic that says that instead of 2 the systems recognise only 1 cpu core