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  1. the DSDT patcher errors out with this: Done Handling HDEF Device (ALC889A) Handling SATA... patcher.rb:697:in `patch_sata': NO IDE1 Device found (RuntimeError) from patcher.rb:468:in `patch' from patcher.rb:506:in `verbose' from patcher.rb:468:in `patch' from patcher.rb:451:in `patch' from patcher.rb:788 this is on a GA-EP45-UD3R with Cartri BIOS thanks, -dev
  2. anybody know what is new/fixed? This doesn't seem to be on Gigabyte's site yet.
  3. I've got a Q8400, would I need to change anything to get P/C States and vanilla power management going? Also, I'm using a PCI ethernet card and have the onboard LAN and Audio disabled in the BIOS. Does having stuff in the DSDT refering to that matter if they are disabled?
  4. Since I have the same motherboard(assuming rev 1.1), and am running the same BIOS, would the attached DSDT file be the same for as if I were to compile it for myself? I've tried compiling it myself and always get an error. If not, I'd be happy to paypal someone $5 if they could take my output of DSDT patcher, patch it correctly and compile it. thanks, -devros
  5. I've got my system almost perfect now. I have a Areca RAID card in my 16x PCI-E slot, so I need a cheap graphics card that will be supported that can go into a PCI or a 1x PCI-E slot. Right now I have a GeForce PCI 5200 FX w/128 MB of memory, and I've pretty much given up on getting that to work right. It will do the basics, but screen refreshes are painful. This is a server, so I don't need anything to beefy. I'm just looking for the bare minimum that can be supported by an EFI string. All suggestions are welcome. thanks, dev
  6. I've got an Areca RAID card that is taking up my 16x PCI-E slot. Does anybody have any recs for a cheap PCI or 1x PCIe video card that they are using with 10.6? This machine is acting as a server, so I only need the bare minimum. Also, since it is a server I don't care about sound or the onboard LAN(I have a natively supported PCI card) do I need to bother with DSDT? thanks, -dev