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  1. Guide Install SL on GA-MA785GT-UD3H

    http://leohazard.com/update.html This is the page. After download the Distro, yo can updated and maybe fix your problem.
  2. I used the distro Leo Hazard DVD Client Server 10.6.2. Update the ISO file whit the PPF (download from the page of Hazard). Set the HDD to AHCI and for the ports 4 and 5 as SATA type. If you have a DVD IDE ommit this step. When you want to boot from the DVD, it won't, because you set the ports as AHCI and I don't know why but the bios do not recognize the DVD as a boot device. So press F12 to select the boot device and select your DVD. Press F8 and select the distro, the type -v busratio=20 (that's beacuase I have a Phenom II x4). Then whit the disk utility format the partition as GUI mac journaled. Cutomize the installation. This works for me: Anv10.2.0/system kext chamaleon RC3 pc efi 10.5 AMD Patch ATIATA Realtek1000 Elliotforce SATA/ATA Legacy AHCISATA LegacyApplePIIxATA IOATAFamily Fix Evoreboot Orangeicon About my SMBIOS resolver UUID Rosseta X11 Select also your kext for you graphic card Then restart from the DVD and select the DD where SL is and type -v busratio=20 Then add the flags into the com.apple.boot.plist. And that's it. I have problems whit my ATI HD4770, I think there are no support for this card. So I used the 4890 kext and it's works, but just 1280x1024 and recognize 256MB from 512MB. I tried whit severals kext for ALC889a whit not succes. Also whit the AppleHDA patcher from Taruga and I got Kernel Panic. So I use VoodooHDA 0.2.62 and I have sound just from digital output, and one green output from analog. You can upgrade you system to 10.6.4 whit no problem. Just follow the instructions from the Leohazard site. 0 If I resolved any fo my problems I will post here. Good luck and sorry for my english.
  3. Ok this my problem. My mobo it's a gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H, Phenom II x4 995BE and when I insert the Hazard DVD MAC 10.6.3 Server just appear "still waiting for root device" I booted whit the flag -v busratio=20. The thing here is when I set the HDD to AHCI and the port 5 in IDE mode (DVD) I get the the "still ...... leyend" but when I set the HDD in Native IDE mode the distro recognize my HDD...... and I can start whit the installation, but on the disk utility can't see my HDD!!!!! When I set all the devices to AHCI mode I just can't boot from the DVD, because the mobo do not recognize the DVD-RW as bootable whit any CD or DVD inside. Somes sugestions please??????
  4. Some fixes in VT1708B VIA

    Ok, for the people who have the problem whit the device VIA VT1708B and S I've installed the voodoo HDA kext whit only 2 ch output. After try everything i found a project os beta forum. The version of the kext is 2.54 and now I have 2 ch detected (green) microphone works and line in. And some others fixes. I hope this kext can help you. There is another version for snow leopard. VoodooHDA.kext.zip
  5. Mac 10.5.7 in Asus M3N78-VM Successful

    mmmmmmmm maybe you can try whit this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=194874
  6. Mac 10.5.7 in Asus M3N78-VM Successful

    I've choose internal codec. The external is for HDMI Audio and internal for VT1708B. Maybe this can fix your problem. I don't have that problem. After install Iatkos i could upgrade to 10.5.8 whitout any problem but maybe you can try whit any diferent kext for the network or maybe you should reinstall it whit the rights permissions (just the kext). I can give you some kext for the ethernet just tell me the model and I will attach it here. No men. I didn't. In one HDD I installed the O.S. and in the other HDD Windows 7 and I can choose from chameleon windows 7 or O.S. ¿Why you should press the power button?
  7. I have the same audio into my mobo and like you I tried whit AppleHDA patch but it's not supported. And I don't have input sound neither. I think there not are a kext that's really get work all the devices for the VT1708B.
  8. Mac 10.5.7 in Asus M3N78-VM Successful

    This message appears after intstall? Because there are an error when you finish the install (kernel panic) just ignore it and restart the pc manually. Other thing my audio is VT1708B from VIA so do not install ALC just Voodo.
  9. VT1708B Asus Help.

    Ok guys I'm running O.S. X86 and works ok. I have installed for the Audio VoodooHDA kext and the audio works fine (stereo). But obviously i want the 5.1 audio. My mobo it's an asus M3N78-VM and the chipset audio is a VIA VT1708B. So into my bios I have the option for change the azalia audio to internal or external codec. Internal is for HDMI Audio and internal for VIA or I can choose both of them. I was tried installing ALC 883 kext but nothing ALC888 and nothing. I was wondering if I just can't choose those kext (ALC) because my audio chipset it's via, not realtek. But I can't find a kext for VIA and make it works the 5.1 audio. I need any advice please. What I can do? I've installed ALC1200 and now in the system profile-Audio built-in appers: Intel High Definition Audio: Device ID: 0x10438345 Audio ID: 12 Available Devices: and that's all. Whit only Voodoo appears nothing. Now what I can do?
  10. Problem whit DVD-RW 10.5.8

    Ok I'am so happy for the problem that I fixed but thanks anyway. For the solutions go to this page. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1217652
  11. Problem whit DVD-RW 10.5.8

    Ok guys, I know that this topic is so repetitive in this forum but I can't find the answer. The problem is simple I've installed Iatkos V7 an it works fine but the o.s. do not detect my DVD device it's connected by IDE. I've read all the topics about this problem and I've tried many diferents kext (AppleATIATA, AppleNforceATA, IOATAFamily, AppleOnboardATA, JmicronATA.....) But Ican't make that the {censored} device works. What I should do? Asus M3N78-VM chipset MCP78s 4Gb Ram 3 HDD SATA AMD Phenom Black Edition DVD-RW LG GSA H55N (IDE) Thanks.
  12. I could resolve the problem of installation at my pc. After search some answers to my problem (whit out any result) I finally could install it. So for the people who have problems I hope this guide can help you. My specifications: AMD Phenom 9950 Black Edition. Asus M3N78-VM (chipset MCP78s) Audio VT1708B 7.1 CH (VIA) 4Gb Ram 800mhz 3 HDD Sata II Nvidia 8600GT 1Gb DVD RW by IDE Ok I tried whit Ideneb (1.3 1.4 1.5.1) and i it was impossible. So i tried whit Iatkos V7 and yes i can do it. Leave the bios setup as default. Just enable de USB Legacy, enable ACPI 2.0 and change the HDD from SATA to AHCI. I choose this drivers into the customize Iatkos DVD install... Leave the drivers selected by Iatkos. Chamaleon V2 Kernel 9.7.0 Voodo OHR Ethernet Realteck 1000 EFI VGA/DVI Nvidia NForce SATA/IDE Generic IDE NTFS Voodo PS/2 Audio Voodo After Install I have Ethernet, sound, Graphics Video, Keyboard, mouse, USB and DVD IDE working!!!!. I have installed in one HD MAC and the other Windows 7. You can update the O.S. from 10.5.7 to 10.5.8. If you have any problem let me know maybe I can help you in english or spanish. Issues: These are the problems after install and how did I fixed: DVD-RW by IDE do not appear into the O.S.......Solution: I installed the generic IDE kext from DVD installation. Problem Audio: Whit AppleHDA kext do not recognize any device audio........Solution: I installed Voodoo Audio and I only have stereo output.
  13. My Specs. Asus M3N78-VM AMD Phenom Quad Black Edition Chipset MCP78s Nvidia 8600GT 1GB HDD Sata II 4GB Ram DDR2 800 I tried to install several times ideneb 1.5.1 and I can install it. But after reboot i have black screen. I tried whit several drivers and nothing. Into the verbose mode I don't have issues maybe this one "no network interfaces could not update plataform" I don't know what it's the problem. I tried whit -X -V -F and nothing. I slected the most common drivers "AppleSmbios 800, AppleNforceATA or MCP67, AUdio ALC883, Ethernet Realteck, Kernel Qoopz, NVDarwin and the same result. Any advice? or maybe it's impossible.
  14. iDeneb v1.5.1 10.5.7 for Intel/AMD SSE2/SSE3

    My apologize for my english. Ideneb 1.5 do not recognize my HD I have three of them. I can not change at IDE because my motherboard not allow the option, instead I disabled the sata option and the error "Failed to load extension com. apple.iokit.IOAHCI BLOCK STORAGE has dissapear, but do not still recognize the HDD. I tried to format the HD whit Ideneb 1.4 and work perfectlly I can make the format (MAC Jornaled) but do not still recognize the HDD into v1.5 I don't know why. My specifications: Motherboard Asus M3N78-VM Athlon quad core 64 bit 3 HDD sata II Any suggestion?