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  1. Linux for 64bit processors

    Ubuntuforms.org provides great help, so if you decide to go 64 bit, go with them. 64 bit is only needed if you are doing things like graphics work, lots of compiling, or folding@home. There is also a command (exactly what it is skips my mind) which forces the installation of i386 programs. As an example you will want to install the 32 bit firefox so you can use flash, etc.
  2. Ok, not really, but I did think it was funny when I saw these posters at the post office today:
  3. Apple: Form vs. Function

    I think most gamers actually spend a little extra cash, if not a ton, on a case they think looks cool.
  4. Links for the Weekend: December 2-3

    What did they actually end up doing with those machines? I'd have put linux on them and started a huge folding at home cluster...
  5. Deciding on a Linux, Mac or OSX86

    Dual Core processors are what all the current real Macs are right now...so you'd be fine with a core duo, core 2 duo, etc.
  6. If you scroll down the artist list real fast, it starts scrolling by letter group and displays the letter on the screen.
  7. I think the thing about automator is that so few people have any idea how to use it, and even I, a seasoned computer user cant get some of the example workflows (like renaming songs in iTunes to start with Upper Case letters) to work. Im sure its a great and really useful application but so few have any idea how to use it.
  8. Links for the Weekend: August 12-13

    That one of the combined German kid and Numa Numa just made me {censored} and {censored} myself at the same time
  9. I am willing to bet that because this is a developer version they haven't fine tuned it enough yet so it will run well on a G3. And a little off topic, but why do Tiger and Leopard both have firewire requirements?
  10. The Official WWDC Live News Thread

    I am a student who works in a Univerity IT department. We still (in theory) support Windows 98 even though I have only ever once seen Windows 98 on a students computer at school. It will be years before you are mandated to upgrade to Vista. All IT departments are different but schools do not want to put a burden of an operating system on a student. And if you are at school studying computer science, most programming is done in OS neutral languages like Java and also on Solaris, which you'd have to visit a lab for anyway. I wouldn't worry for a second about forced upgrades or that not having 64 bit will hurt you in school as the vast majority of students don't even know what half this stuff is. and im done hijacking this thread
  11. Backlight? Are we talking about a laptop here? And btw, your siggie misread my machine!
  12. OSx86

    EULAs are a huge joke even if you can read. Whoever thinks that someone would consider a click or two to be equal to an actual signature or contract has to be kidding themselves.
  13. OSx86

    Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't apple include an AMD patch in the Developer version installer? Why? Is the idea behind the developer version so that they can make a legit OSx86 to do OS X programming and work on? I did not join this forum to use OSx86, I already have a working ibook. I joined because this forum has people who know more about how macs (and the unix side of OS X) than most apple message boards. My stance on piracy is this: If it werent for piracy, I would never have been able to try out a lot of bands, software, and films that are my favorite today because the mainstream media would not bring them to me. Many I did go and pay for legitimately after a time period when I knew they were what i really wanted. Unfortunately those in business cannot think past their wallets and portfolios to see that. So that is my thought on OSx86. Ultimately it is letting PC users and those who wouldnt try Macs out fall in love with OS X and later purchase an actual mac. This was the case with one of my coworkers, who frequently made jabs at my ibook, took upon his internal geekiness to see if he could do OSx86, did it, and recently bought a macbook. And I know he aint the only one.
  14. OSX on Opendarwin

    I would imagine that Aqua (the OS X interface) has more to it than just copy and pasting files around and stuff,(like Kernel extensions) so I doubt its just possible to load it as if it is KDE and Gnome.
  15. [Guide] KDE on OSX86

    I got the following error: ---> Installing XFree86 4.5.0_2 Error: Target com.apple.install returned: can't create directory "/opt/local/var/db/dports/software/XFree86/4.5.0_2/usr/X11R6/bin/XDarwin.app/Contents": permission denied Error: The following dependencies failed to build: kdelibs3 XFree86 Xft2 expat fontconfig freetype zlib pkgconfig xrender render aspell bzip2 cups-headers flex gettext libiconv hicolor-icon-theme jasper jpeg libart_lgpl libidn libpng libxml2 libxslt lua openssl pcre perl5.8 qt3 tiff libusb Error: /opt/local/bin/port: Status 1 encountered during processing. any idea how to fix it? I am running 10.4.7 on an iBook. It said at the start of this tutorial that it was .5 and .6 only or something, but I thought that was more in reference to the OSx86 side of things and not to the non hackintosh crowd, which could be my problem.