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  1. Hello, At the moment i'm sitting on a real mac, thus macbook pro early 2015, thus i have a system that would help with hackintosh on a computer. I'm planning to build a computer based on the following details: H270 chipset motherboard, looking specifically into GIGABYTE GA-H270-HD3, thus audio is: ALC887(searching for it - there's success making it work),as well as network: Intel I219-V (pretty common, should have no issues as well), however i'm not sure: do all h270 bioses/or msi bioses support disabling of integrated gpu? i5-7400 or i5-7500 (should have no issues really) gtx 1060 (again, no issues, searching gave results with possibility of lilu kext + nvidia web drivers), again hopefully i'll be able to disable integrated graphics - this will be connected to a 4k monitor, which i haven't decided yet upon (suppose no issues with 4k, as i've seen only issues with ultrawide one resolution supports, and those were fixable as well) samsung 850 evo 250gb (no m.2 issues) Thanks for those who even at least read this post, and of course to those who'll help, Br, Pav
  2. Sadly i installed all 4 kexts you provided (1 extra for camera), and the result is the same: camera doesn't work; voodoobattery works but audio not(used hdaenabler and restarted still the same).... I guess so the problems aren't related to kexts, but rather to dsdt. I tried recently to boot w/o dsdt and i get black screen, so my dsdt is a requirement :S Where you got your dsdt from? I'm pretty sure our dsdt are almost the same, with only difference of screen resolution (mine is 1600x900), could you share it and try to remember where u got it from (maybe there's dv7 version too, which basically is 1600x900+) The one i got is from my old backups that i used to boot 10,7 long time ago... (i had camera problems with it back then as well)
  3. Hey, today i tried to install osx and managed to install everything, the last 2 things are: 1) camera!!! It's not working, facetime shows no camera detected, same with skype. Camera is detected as usb device though 2) speedstep, i tried to enable it, but most recent speedstepper i found is made for 10.8.3 and i tried - it doesn't work on 10.9.5; i flashed bios by donovan6000 which gets rid of nullcpu kext (i guess it makes speedstep work fine), however i don't know what settings do i need to enable/disable in order for it to work, if i simply delete kext - i get kernel panic, so i'm doing something wrong Edit: 3) If i use modified acpi***.kext i get voodoobattery kext to work but applehda is not working; vice versa(battery not working, but audio is), could you share yours acpi kext?
  4. HP Pavilion - DV6-6xxx DV7-6xxx Mountain Lion 10.8.5

    Another thing: I can't seem to make my camera work, tried to change IOPCFamily(i think so, or something similar) kext with others - but no success. If any1 here experienced similar problems and found a solution - please share the kext/way to solve. p.s. the camera is detected fully by system, but not working/starting.
  5. HP Pavilion - DV6-6xxx DV7-6xxx Mountain Lion 10.8.5

    Hi everyone, sorry that i'm posting in english, i don't speak italian, but i need some information from you guys: Could you link a wifi board, which is confirmed to work on hp dv7(mine is dv7-6053er)? Ofcourse with help of the whitelist. Slight offtopic: If possible share a link to a cable for a 2nd hard-drive connection too. Link should be from amazon UK or something from UK, which is post-delivery based, preferably as fast as amazon, thank you. Edited: Will this one work on laptop & OS X? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Atheros-AR5008-802-11N-300Mbps-AR5008E-3NX/dp/B00505ESJO/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1365598007&sr=1-1-fkmr0&keywords=Atheros+9285
  6. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    Hey guys, i'm back online and trying to get my machine to run osx again. I started this evening and got pretty much all the stuff to work as it is expected (thanx to the persons who provided many useful information in this topic). Anyway there are still few problems that i am facing: 1) Sleep doesn't work- and from the posts i saw that the work on the fix is going atm, how is it going so far and what exactly looks to be the point that makes this happen? 2) Brightness. As it was stated by one of the persons perviously in this topic - when the brightness dims automatically - than the brightness is restored to it's full 100% brightness. I tried to instal the EDID - anyway it didn't helped. 3) Multitouch. Yes, it works - i can do the multitouch zoom around the webpage, anyway i can't setup the three-point multitouch for full os x multitouch functions, any1 knows how to make it? 4) I tried to google it, anyway i couldn't find a real solution to this. I can't use apple services which require apple id, f.e. FaceTime, messages, App Store,dictation and so on... Any1 knows how to fix this? p.s. i got the most simple solution already applied, since i used the .rar for the os installation, which already contained that ethernet string in the boot file. Edited: accepted new rules after trying to buy a product off the App Store, which has lead to successful work of it, anyway FaceTime/messages/dictation are still not working. 5) Anyway to make the webcam work? I know that FaceTime doesn't work due to the apple id, anyway in Skype settings - i can't choose the camera, as well as it is not detected in the system description. 6) Haven't tested yet, do usb3 ports work? Moreover: 7) A link to a bios(i got hp dv7-6053er) which would allow to disable 6770m would be nice. 8) Maybe someone knows a nice topic regarding the choice of the wifi board(both internal and external) particularly for our laptops(dv6/7 = internal wifi) and mac os in general = external wifi.
  7. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    That's sad, i'd really like to switch to osx, would be very nice for my education, anyway benefits of 6770m for some graphics/gaming apps are hodling me off :S really hate hp now for 2 reasons: 1) locked <<<<<<<<<<<<<< bioses(wouldn't be a big deal, if they would have allowed to disable integrated graphics...) 2) warranty service(they didn't send me new hdd as a replacement one, even though they were telling they did ><) @ Denmark Anyway i'll look more in-depth into all of this from september, now i'm on my vacation )) btw, you're using osx as your daily os? how's battery compared to windows?
  8. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    Hey Micky, I'm checking all the topics over the time to ensure if there are any updates with our lappies. 6770m? No bios hackers tried to help us?
  9. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    I created a topic here: w_w_w.bios-mods._com/fo_rum/Thread-HP-dv7-6xxx-2011-bios-unlock-request (remove _'s) Some activity there could result in positive output from moderators - which may result in normal bios unlock. p.s. hopefully i can post links on insanely, if not - please delete this message :/
  10. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    Hey every1! After long time with no osx86 - soon i'll try to get back to the work, on getting 6770m to work. I'm still pretty sure that we can get 6770m to work if we'll disable intel hd3000 in bios. Recently i've found a: http://www.bios-mods.com/BIOS/Insyde/sp55068_UlkMenus_ByCamiloml.exe By installing this bios + doing: Go into BIOS -> Advanced -> Video Configuration -> Pci Express Graphic -> Always Enable PEG [Enabled] Go into BIOS -> Advanced -> Video Configuration -> Pci Express Graphic -> PowerXpress Setting [Muxed Fixed Scheme we should be able to get rid of intel hd3000 and make 6770m work on osx86(as well as stock ati drivers for windows = success!). ATM i'm really busy with my exams, and can't risk my laptop, spend bunch of time near it as well as i don't have osx86 at all - so if some1 would be able to try this bios it would be very nice! p.s. before flashing this bios read about semi-bricks/bios restore and stickies on bios-mods forum! Personally i'll either try this bios in the end of next week or either after all exams - in the end of june/start of july. That's why i'm posting this information here, since that people would be able to try if the solution would work!
  11. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    Hey guys, haven't been here for a while, read through and found that 6770m wasn't launched successfully yet, but what about WiFi? Any success with stock wifi hardware? Working wifi would make it possible for me to use osx everyday, so looking forward to hear from you soon about Wifi
  12. [Ayuda] DV6-6090es 6770M DSDT

    Can you please share how u made 6770m work? also can u give a link to a bios which you are using? I'd rather get 6770m working without hd3000, then opposite as it is right now.
  13. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    I probably found a solution that needs to be transfered from ati 5000 kext to ati 6000 kext, but my hexing skills aren't very good, so i don't get it what he changed, maby some1 will get it and make ati 6000 kext edit so it will recognize 6770m display monitor, more info about 5000 kext modified here: http://forum.netkas.org/index.php/topic,864.0.html
  14. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    Does it have an unlocked option of "switchable graphics mode"? disabling it could make our 6770m work
  15. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    So after long time of googling and readin topics - i figured out that the mac os just get's 1card to work, by default we have switchable graphics - and mac os recognizes first of the gpus - intel hd. To make 6770m work we need to disable intel hd by disabling the switchable graphics in bios. Anyway our old bioses doesn't have this feature, but hp did announcment: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Disp...-GL/td-p/766285 And putted new driver that supports switchable gpu: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwar...68&sw_lang= It should add switchable graphics mode to our laptops, anyway after updating my bios - it still doesn't have this option!!! I contacted hp support online - they didn't helped me properly so gave me a local hp support number to call - anyway the support number is available from monday - so on monday i'll report the problem - and hopefully we'll get our bios fixed and as a result get the 6770m to work!