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  1. I sent those last night let me know if you get them and they work for ya. I googled them specifically for 64bit. Think that I got the ps2 kext from kext.com and the voodoohda kext from voodoo's site. I might be wrong. I tried for several hours with diff kext to get it up and going. Then my hd drive pooped out on me last week. So Im also on the hunt again for the kext. I will let ya know where I get them this time. Been a long process.
  2. PM me your email address and I will send them to you.
  3. Alright after much effort and a reinstall found that I also was booting arch=i386. I have fixed this issues. Had to go kext.com and download 64bit capable ps2 and touchpad kext. This fixed my issues with booting arch=x86_64. So now I have a 64bit os and software. It's functioning quite well although sleep doesn't work correctly and for some reason got a bios reset after going to sleep. I deleted sleepenabler.kext. Hoping this will fix this issue til someone comes up with a way to sleep correctly. Otherwise follow tonymacs blog and my couple of changes and should be able to get a good mac install. Have fun. I did.
  4. Mine works booting in 64bit. Also I deleted sleepenabler didn't seem to work with snow for me either. Got rid of applehda.kext also. Have you used dsdt. Might be you issue with 64bit. I know I said it was 64bit but going to check my 7805u Gateway I thought was using i386 switch but I might be wrong going to check and post back.
  5. Its best to not install over Snow to partition out two more drives one about 8 gig for the the installer the other your choice anything you desire. Mine is 125 gig. Anyway install lion to the installer partition. Then reboot. Now Lion at this point is not installed. Go back to Snow go to your apps folder and show package contents of the Lion app. Should see a folder called sharedsupport. If you don't see it you down loaded from torrent. This file is missing in every torrent I downloaded. I tried about 7 different torrents none had it but your more than welcome to waste time downloading. I bought the lion installer from app through the app store. Next you go into the Shared support file and you will see Install ESD.DMG mount this. Next download an app called xmove. This is pretty striaght forward choose your lion installer again for the location of install. Let it decompress lion installer to the installer partition. Now you will need [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] to finish. You need the chrimeria bootloader. This will not harm the Snow partition but that is where you will stick that. Just choose [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] for now. This installs all the files to get the system ready to boot Lion installer. Now reboot at this point you should see that you have a new bootloader. Not as pretty as the old one but functional. Now boot the installer partition. If it doesn't boot or cycles and reboots with out loading then you've missed a step this hung me a few times. If app store says you cant install lion on this computer then you will probably need to do what I did. I downloaded Hazard distro 6.6i and reinstalled Snow. At this point I was able to buy lion. Now once lion is installed you may find no keyboard or mouse. Make sure you have spare usb around to get it through the registration. Now google pskext and and have fun a lion install. My original hazard install would not allow for a clean lion install nor could I even down load from app store. Best way to be sure is open app store chooce lion if it goes to a purchase screen your good. If it says cant install you might want to back up and install the above mention snow from hazard 6.6i. I know this is a terrible tutorial but the best I can come up with at this point. Side note never could install over snow it would hang every time. Second note lion is not installed from running it in snow it just decompresses some files. I installed the lion to my installer first then went to the app folder chose the show package contents and went to the sharedsupport folder and mounted the install esd.dmg. Voodoops2Controller.Kext Voodootrackpad.kext voodoohda.kext. Have audio video should set boot flag to GraphicsEnabler=y [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] has an option. {censored} use [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] in Lion once booted and from there you will find most the stuff you need. Voodoohda GraphicsEnaber=y bootflag will be going through my install method a few times to get the process completely worked out. Followed Tonymac install method adding only a few steps to fix issues that came up like my machine stalling while trying to install over snow. Also had difficult time with the installer not loading from app store. My fix for this is reinstall with Hazard 6.6i that was the only fix I found for that issue.
  6. Well after much trial and error have a full working Lion install. This was very difficult and lost my Leopard drive three times before getting correct.
  7. Just a small update I have installed latest update 10.6.6 and everything seems to be working great. Haven't had any issues at all.
  8. Should see firewire and ethernet. As for graphics use the one in the folder Imus has. It will give you the correct settings. Have not had any issues with camera mine is also under usb. Maybe try the usbfix.kext this could solve that issue. Dimming the screen should work like in windows or bios FN-F??. I don't have my laptop out. If you cant find the nvinject or nvenabler in the folder let me know can upload that and voodoo hda.
  9. It wasn't a personal attack on any one post just that simply it is supposed to be fun and should stay fun. I enjoyed doing it and of course there were days I could have pulled my hair and slit my wrist! That was the only point I was trying to get across that this is a hack and always will be a hack. Just like with the xboxs and xbox 360. I spent hours reading forums with people upset and posting in all caps that I really thought my forum days were over. LouisCK says it best. You tube him and you will hear one of his standups about a guy complaining about wifi not working on an airplane that was brand new tech. It hadn't been offered anywhere before and some douch bag was complaining because he couldn't access it. We have turned into a society of people who instead of trying, ride on others coat tails and expect results right away instead of working the problem and getting a good knowledge of what and where and how to work the problem to start with. I work with people that are this way everyday. Don't take what I posted as a personal attack I still love to help others but a battery meter not working is moundain at best. Ya know. I had a similar issue. The card if shut down in windows will not work in mac or anywhere til reactivated in windows. Don't ask me why noticed about three weeks ago. I was doing some virus work in sandbox and turned off my wifi to keep it out of my network and booted mac a few days later and no wifi. I tried everything imaginable to get it back going. I even removed and reinstalled. That little icon in win 7 that looks like a radio tower has to have a check mark in it. After restarting it worked fine. Even though you got your to work thought I would post this tid bit because someone else may run into this issue as for the 10.6.2 that is my fault yes install the update with the install and it fixes networking issues. Good Luck man and enjoy. Also I used usbfix kext on the install not sure it was needed but try that out on the install. That could fix the iphone issue. Also I bought a new Iphone about three weeks ago and found that the brand new cord was {censored} it would drop sync and sometimes not even recognize my phone was connected. Could be the phone cord also. Luckly all my kids have ipods and I had a old iphone so that fix was quick and painless. Later guys have fun be back on later tonight if you have any questions. Check phone cord mine on my brand new phone was {censored} drop sync and sometimes not even recognize the phone. Also try usbfix.kext on hazard disc that is something that I did use during my install. This may or may not help but good luck anyhow. I had forgotten that on my posts for the install guide. My fault. I did like 20 installs before getting a working great install so somethings were forgotten during that last working install. Just try and try again til you end with something u are satisified with.
  10. I don't want to sound like a jack ass here but 90% of your guys issues are very easily fixed by making sure of three to four golden rules of installing mac on non mac hardware. It's not going to work 100%. If you want it to work 100% buy a mac this is supposed to be fun but I have sat and read post after post of people fusterated and complaining about trackpads and battery icons not showing correct percentages. Its not a mac. Man I sometimes wonder where the world is going when people complain about the most arcaic things. Does it really matter the battery icon doesn't work not really. As to the people having issues with bootloaders. The primary part of a harddrive is protected so once you load a bootloader it is very hard to get rid of it. Thanks to some {censored}s and there very quaint ability to write malware and viruses that try to attack this part of a hddrive it became nessary to protect years ago. The best fix is to find a dos disk fdisk the whole drive and start over. This gets ride of any info in the front part of the drive designed for bootloader. Part three of my help is listen to the people who have done this and who having working mac installs. Were not super heros but what he have done and our experiences will help the newcomers. Last but not least have fun {censored} this is supposed to be fun. I hate to be the party pooper but reading posts where people complain about not being able to load mac on a machine that several of us having working installs means your not doing something right. Follow our lead believe me it will work. Thanks for all the ones who have said thanks back to the rest expecially the ones having issues. The only thing I can say is listen to the others there help will work. I have tried a lot of installs on a lot of machines and most of my knowledge has came from this forum so good luck and god bless. Sorry grammer and spelling may be {censored} in this post!!!!!
  11. All right guys been out of the scene for awhile. Had to do a move to new home and ya know how that goes sometimes. Eats up all availible time. Does anyone have any questions currently I've still got full support with my rig even with the last few updates. Did change out my wireless card for a ar5008 that I bought off ebay. Works great no kext hacking at all works native and works in my 10.5.8 distro as well. Lets see is there anything else to update everyone with. Oh guy that asked about full graphics support if you a widget and you get ripples then you have full graphics support. Um well anyway will be going through the posts for the next few days and try to answer most of your questions if I miss someone please feel free to pm me. I will get back to ya may take a day but I usally pretty good about answering ya to the best of my knowledge which at times is very limited. If any one wants to know my complex method of making 10.5.8 to boot then shot me a message and I will go through it with ya. Later guys
  12. Just a friendly update. Bought two ar5008 from ebay and now have full wireless support for both leopard and snow leopard. Still don't have channels over 11 but now have full access wireless n and other high channels that I have never seen before. I guess this is an issue with atheros cards in a mac and linux system but it is working great. Had to reinstall the original IO80211kext and airportkext but looks good to me. I guess the only thing left is to buy a real mac. Not Never No Way!!!!
  13. To the best of my knowledge rioch sd doesnt work in mac! But my options were bootloader PC EFI 10.5 I choose voodoohda, nvinject, macam, not much else like I posted earlier will be giving a detailed list of my method. Tring to go off memory, atherosfix, no acpi, no kernel, those I left the same, keyboard mouse work natively, atherosfix may or may not be needed but choose it anyway. DO DELETE DISABLER.KEXT SLEEPENABLER.KEXT these will break during update and cause a kernel panic. As for changing keys that is done in preference. I have no knowledge of how to do that. Never tried. Um let me grab my notes:: Cmosresetfix elliottforcelegacy ahcisatafix smbiosresolver uuid In my notes it says I used nvinject. But my res was wrong so I had to google for a newer build. Did the same with voodoohda. But for the life of me I can't remember where I found them. If your wanting to setup keyboard the way you want try voodoops2 kext this gives you more options. Oh very important make sure to set energy preference to never sleep and never stop harddrive this will cause your pc not come back on from mouse or keyboard you will have to restart with the power button. Also on a side note wireless will not work up past channel 11. Not sure why its not seeing 12-14 as channels that it can see. No big issue for me but have been looking into it. Also have noticed my local on my wireless sometimes gets set to other country codes outside of the USA and local is unknown. This is a Snow Leopard issue not the card googled the {censored} out of it and there is a lot of info but nothing on how to fix it. Safari is acting weird get crashes occassionally and stales from one page to the next but firefox works fine so it is just safari.. Googled this and found that it is a current issue alot of people are facing. ENJOY glad to see more asus g72gx users! The more people the more stufff we can get working. I have a P-7805u and that has hundreds of posters so most of my issues work worked out by just waiting for someone to post back. These are just the things that I tried. Some of them may or may not be needed to boot snow but they aren't hurting things having them there. No hdmi infact forgot to let Imus know if you try to hit FN-F8 it will lock up not sure whats up with that. Tried hdmi weekago locked up when I tried to switch to it! Did not auto recognize it plugging in. As for firewire have nothing firewire to check so good luck there.
  14. Make sure ur using cpus=1 to boot the hazard distro it will not work otherwise! Good luck Imus have you noticed any issues with Safari crashing been getting slow response from safari 5 with the occasional crash. Googled it and it seems to be an issue with safari 5 just wondered if you have noticed anything. I ordered a apple wireless n card see if i can get channels above 11 tired of not being able to use my works wireless setup will post back with the model number and ebay page think it said he had several for sale. Hell ten bucks is nothing to shell out for a experiment. Going to add to my Gateway also because it has no built in wireless. Will be letting ya know whats up in the next few days. I have been meaning to post a detailed installation procedure but have been busy with a funeral will get that up and going in the next few days. Haven't had any major issue out of the 10.6.4 update but doesn't mean something won't popup will be testing everything out this week see what was and wasn't broken from the new update. Imus let me know about safari so I can start to narrow it down and pin point the issue. Hoping its not something to do IPV6 internet explore 8 has been having these issue with the IPV6 protocols. Later all!
  15. I would go with Imus the hazard distro works the best so far. He tried a couple of diff of methods that did not suceed. Hazard will boot use cpus=1 -v and add your drivers that u need. Some of the stuff I had to google to get working correctly like audio and video. But Hazard will get u started delete disabler.kext and sleepenabler.kext before updating through apple these will cause the system to panic. I just updated to 10.6.4 nothing broken but do get a error on dydl.. Not sure what it is says it was compiled for a diff distro. I will be back in a few days with more detailed info. Have to get to work. Later