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  1. Hey Guys, I just attempted to upgrade from 10.7.3 which was working perfectly on my workstation 8 running on an i7 to Mountain Lion (10.8). Once the files copied over and the OSX restarted, the boot process got stuck on the grey EFI screen with the following errors: EFI VMWare Virtual SCSI Hard Drive )0,0) ... unsuccessful EFI Vmware Virtual IDE CDROM Drive (IDE 1:0) ... unsuccessful EFI Network ... After which it goes into the EFI Shell version 2.30 [1.0] showing the Shell> prompt Unlocker Version: 1.1.0 VM Workstation Version: Tried both 8.0.2 and 9.0.0. Currently on 9.0.0 build-812388 OS: Windows 7 64bit Currently running OSX: Lion 10.7.3 Trying to upgrade to OSX: Mountain Lion 10.8 Errors: Unable to boot after the installer copies OSX upgrade files. Shows EFI VMWare ... unsuccessful messages I apologize if this is an old issue that has already been resolved. I did do a considerable amount of searching around before posting here. I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks! -Rob Any idea on how to tackle this one? Thanks
  2. Donk, your tutorials are pricelss. One day kids will be singing songs about you! I must have seen at least 4 different sites that explained the steps for getting Snow Leopard to run under vmware workstation 7, and using your darwin.iso I've finally managed to get it to work. I'm just happy to see it work, but I am a bit confused as to why/how your approach does not require the mounting of the snow_darwin.iso which all other articles mention which is then followed by mounting the dvd and proceeding with the retail install. Using your darwin.iso which you designed as compatible with workstation 7 I installed it as the old boot 132 via setup.cmd. Changed the parameters in the vmx as you suggested and I got retail disk finally to get past the gray screen. Did you simply get the darwin.iso from fusion 3 or did you re-create it in some other way? I would be curious to understand the magic. Thanks!