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  1. managed to get everything working except mic. then i installed ilife, iwork and SwithResX and the system appears to boot but after the spinning cirlce at the apple logo i get a black screen.(i think this is a resolution issue) the only way i found to get into the o/s is after doing the following: -s /sbin/fsck -fy /sbin/mount -uw / cd System/Library and press enter rm -r Extensions.mkext and press enter cd Extensions and press enter rm -r AppleIntelGMA*.* and press enter rm -r AppleIntelIntergrated*.* press tab and it will fill in the rest for you and press enter shutdown -r now i get access but with the resiolution at 800x600. I think i have unistalled ilife and SwitchResX. i have unistalled and reinstalled the video kexts but without success.(although i am not sure if that is the case; i might have the old kexts still installed- how do i check? should the new kext installation not overwrite existing kexts??) What should i do to get the resolution working again? i am not too bothered about sleep issue. my wifi still works! thanks in advance
  2. well managed to install mac osx using the dvd install method; usb method was not working for me i can't seem to get my wireless to work though. it is able to identify the network but when i put my wep network password it says connection failed. not sure what is going on? i also need to sort out sound and sleep; as i know that others have them working. any advice re what might be going on with the wireless ? what do i need to do to get sound and sleep to work. i have followed what has been written about these issues but still seem to be having problems where can i find the latest kexts for those? cheers
  3. but there are people that say that u can get all sorts of problems from burning iatkos onto dvd and may need to do it a few times. i just don't understand why ddmac is not working at all thanks for your comments anyway
  4. i have been struggling with installing osx. i can't get past the first step!! ddmac does not work for me at all. i have tried everything in the guides. i am trying to install osx off a usb hard drive. it is not a usb stick. i am trying to save the iso image onto the usb hard drive(which has 2 partitions- one 15gb for iso and the rest unallocated) why is this not working? does it specifically have to be a 8gb usb flash drive. the usb hard drive is brand new and capacity is 400gb. what am i doing that is wrong. please help; reading these guides i thought it was gonna be quite easy but i have been at this for the past 4 hrs and i have not been able to get ddmac to create the iatkos v7 on the usb drive.
  5. again, i am amazed at your very quick responses. thanks for that. i am reading alot around the topics and there is alot to take in. As they say "fail to prepare and prepare to fail" so i want to get a good idea of the steps that i am going to undertake. But at the same time factoring in some trial and error. i have always used windows xp. never been a fan of vista. windows 7 though looked promising from what i have seen so far. i have always been intrigued by MAC software and feel that now is the time to start experimenting. My brother is a big fan of Linux but i am somewhat intimidated by it. by having all 3 on them might force me to start learning more about them. my compaq mini is brand new. i have not installed anything on it yet. so it has just the installed stuff from hp. and i have got the recovery cd so that should not be a problem. I will most definately share my experiences. i think i will end up going for xp/osx/mie thanks again for your help. i am sure i will have more questions later on. cheers
  6. i have a compaq mini 702ea. i have read all the guides for installing mac osx. I agree the iAtkos v7 is the easiest. I want to be able to install windows 7 / Mac OS X / MIE (linux) . i am not clear as to how to format my hard drive. I was wondering if there is a "best strategy" for partitioning the 60gb hard drive. How do i go about that? How much space do i allocate for each ? what type of format for each system to allow access from within any o/s? Which bootloader is best? What software should i use for partitioning the hard drive? thanks in advance.