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  1. HP ENVY 15-k192nr

    Thank you for your response although I'm not for certain on the first link you are talking about as I do not use those Distro versions of Mac os as I have already purchased Mac os X and the results from those versions is most undesirable as I've experienced years ago. I do thank you for the next link as I saw my processor with its integrated graphics is supported but it looks like my discrete graphics is not on the list but I may need to do a bit more digging to see if anyone else has done that. For now I will just stick with windows on this laptop and either go the Apple route to getting Mac OS X or build my own Hackintosh which sounds like a lot more fun anyway.
  2. HP ENVY 15-k192nr

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I've done any of this hackintoshing stuff. Like 6 or more years lol. I recently decided I would try it again this time on a Notebook. I've been searching and I haven't found much on support for this notebook which is a shame but that didn't stop me from getting 10.5 working on my 2008 DX Gateway with much help from everyone on this forum. So far I've found a video for another HP ENVY laptop the j000 quad edition which is similar but diffrent from this one. Here is the specs on this laptop: Intel Core i7 Dual core 4510U 2 core 4 threads 1 8GB DDR3L Ram Stick 1TB Samsung/Seagate 5400Rpm hard drive Intel HD Graphics 4400 + Nvidia Geforce 840M 2GB Dedicated graphics chips DVD+/-RW Drive 3 USB 3.0 ports HDMI Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 Intel Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 (Not sure on the actual name of this) Windows 8.1 (Pre-install by HP) So far I've followed the steps on the video I mentioned above pertaining to making a USB [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] Mavricks 10.9 install. It took a bit for this laptop to want to even boot to it but for some reason after I get to the boot screen the laptop starts to boot to the install but then stalls out but proceeds to booting windows before I can even see what the problem might be. As far as for this system I've went to the limited Bios and I mean limited, they really don't want you messing with these new HP notebooks. I've disabled the Intel Smart Connect stuff, put the bios into Legacy boot which was the only way for it even recognize there was a USB flash drive that can be booted from. I also disabled secure boot. Now getting to this point took some time to even get to as each time I made a setting change in the bios for some reason after it "saved" the settings changes and rebooted it wouldn't automatically revert to the original settings aside from the intel smart connect {censored} being turned off then randomly it decided it was going to allow me to make the changes in which I was able to finally get the dang thing to boot only for it not even give me the glorious welcome to mac install screen! As always thank you guys for your continuous support! Also on a side note, I'd be very interested to hear everyone's thoughts on building a Hackintosh desktop, I've watched a few videos and read some people are doing that more and having real good luck getting it working. I just wonder if its better than the mac experience.
  3. Back to the Hackintosh

    Yea my laptop now has 6GB and I'm doing just fine, I don't do a whole lot of video editing yet. I mainly want a hackintosh for iweb, iphoto and a few other apps. I know what you mean about the HD4000, I've been confined to gaming on my laptop with a HD3000 for the past year. It plays games like sims 3 at 40-50FPS on medium settings at native res and does battlefield 3 around 20 and low settings and low res. But other than that its only good for 720P HD videos, 1080P heats the system up a bit. But I want to have a system that I won't have to upgrade for at least a year or two without feeling like its slow or like I have with this laptop.
  4. Back to the Hackintosh

    Thanks for the response. I had just had that idea today although snow leopard is really slow in a VM environment on my current laptop but I'm sure it will run a bit better on the desktop. Thanks! Lol I didn't see the last part of what you posted till after I posted above, Anyway yeah I've heard and have seen that Gigabyte boards work for the most part Out of the box with OS X. I may not go the Windows 8 route, I've grown tired of it the past month or two that I've had it as my primary OS. It works but it can be a little annoying at times. I think I'll be sticking to Windows 7 on my desktop hackintosh build. How does your system do with 8 gigs of ram? I remember a few years back it felt like I needed more than 4GB of ram for leopard on my last desktop. Lol another question I have is about the processor, not specifically about OS X and it but I have a Core i5 2500M 2.40-3.0GHZ in this laptop with 6GB of ram and sometimes it feels very slow but then again that could be caused by the Intel 3000 graphics that this thing is stuck with, how does the Ivy bridge i5 do? Thanks again!
  5. Hey guys, its been a few years since I was here. The forum sure has changed. Anyway I'm looking into buying a new computer. I thought about getting a real mac then saw the price and for what it offers and now I'm back to the hackintoshing. The last system I did was an AMD system and it was nice back then but at the time wasn't something I would have used everyday. But then again that was Leopard and a slower system. However today I'm in the market for a newer system and I want to use Mountain Lion as my primary OS. But I also want to play a few games like the sims 3, sim city when it comes out next year and a few old games that can play on my current laptop. I've watched a few videos from Bob Roche and pretty much know what I want in a system. My only problem is finding the right components or ones that will both give me easy compatibility with OS X mountain Lion and be able to game with Windows 7 or 8. Also I've seen a few different guides on how to install mountain lion and all of which tell me to purchase mountain lion on the mac app store which i'm fine with doing, one problem.. I don't have a mac or know anyone that has a mac and apple doesn't sell it in there stores. on there support forums it says buy snow leopard which is an extra 20 bucks,if I absolutely have to go that route I will. anyway here is what I'm thinking of using in the system. Intel Core i5 3570K 3.4GHz-3.8GHZ turbo Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H I'm thinking 8GB DDR3 1333 should be fine for my uses, if not I can always upgrade in the future. I've never used SSD's before but I want to for Mac OS X so I'm going to get two Samsung 840 120GB SSD's and 2 1TB WD hard drives. as for the Graphics card I want at least a 2GB card, 1GB would prob work but so one of these two cards I'm interested in: MSI AMD Radeon 7750 2GB PCI express 3.0 x16 card Gigabyte AMD Radeon 6750 1GB PCI express 2.1 x16 card Also I would like to put a Blu-ray burner in it for windows mainly, I think I remember hearing someone say blu-ray support isn't very good in OS X? Wireless card: I know this works as I've seen it work. I think thats everything, thank you ahead of time for all your help!
  6. a little help please?

    I may have figured out why it will not go to setup anymore.. not sure but it might make sense. I bought this system on the 15th and that is when i tried to install snow leo and that is when it went to setup. but i didnt have time till the next day but i remember the HP support assistant saying it had updates to install so i let it... I just looked at the log and it says it updated on 9/16/11 a Bios UEFI update. could that be it. if so how do i roll back to the old bios so i can install or at least try to see if that was the problem. I'm not sure if that is the problem because i had an acer with a similar chipset that did the same thing and i didnt update the bios, at least i dont think i did. seems some of these newer laptops are forcing bios updates more now then before..
  7. a little help please?

    Yeah I was going to get an intel core i3 laptop which would have been easy but i've done an AMD in the past and it was simple, just finding the right distro. can you perform a reset on a laptop? laptops arent my forte. desktops are. and i think i know of one, boot 132? if i can figure out how to reset the cmos on this i'll try that first then look for a amd boot. hopefully the first one works!
  8. a little help please?

    Yeah, I have to re-upload it. it was working this morning which was weird but now it says failed upload. oh well. anyway i'm not fully sure on how to do the other option. also what kind of distros do you think might work? The thing i dont understand is how i was able to get to the install screen once but then after that it wont load it.
  9. a little help please?

    Ok i've looked through the Bios and i have no setting on this laptop to change that. my last laptop which was similar had that setting and it didnt seem to make a difference, it did the same thing. @Gringo Vermelho- I would do that if it would let me get to the screen where you select the drivers. it seems to get stuck at loading to the install. you can see what it is doing in the video. sorry for the quality, it was late when i did it. thanks for the help everyone! hopefully we can narrow this down to whats causing it to only show the install once but since after hang. http://youtu.be/T2HdE84CaOw
  10. a little help please?

    Thank you for your reply as well. I as well dont agree with piracy and didnt think that there was any other way of installing os x on an AMD laptop so i used the distros. I have had luck with the ideneb one in the past on a kinda similar system as this laptop but at times it would be a little strange but worked. I kinda get what your saying, i will look for a snow leopard retail. anyway is there anyway i could see a video of what your talking about. I am also not sure where to find the storage controller but will keep searching. that is one thing i've always hated about laptops is the mysterious hardware hidden inside. HP does a pretty good job of telling you whats in your laptop on their site though.
  11. a little help please?

    ok, that would make sense if when the install starts and i cant see my hard drive.. but i can. it shows the hard drive and all the partitions(OEM partitions, i forgot to partition some space ahead of time). but what distro do you think i should try next? and thanks for the fast reply!
  12. Hey all, i just got another laptop instead of that acer i had posted and didnt really get replies for. anyway this laptops specs are: HP pavilion DV7 4278NR AMD Phenom II 3.0GHZ Dual core 4GB DDR3 10600 500GB SATA 3.0GB HDD AMD M880G Chipset with ATI Radeon HD 4250 with 320MB Graphics memory Blu-ray rom/ dvd+/-RW Atheros WiFI ok now that the specs are out of the way. I have tried these distros of snow leopard and leopard. (I posted this in snow leo because i would like to go up to snow instead but i will be happy with os x on this machine either way) iAtkos v7 (Boots but then gets stuck trying to find root device, HDD) iDeneb 1.6 10.5.8 (Starts but gets stuck trying to load Kernel, Might be old disc cause i used it on a previous machine heavily a year ago.) SnowLeo 10.6.2 (Loads to setup or did a couple times but now gets stuck looking for hard drive?, I have a video with the code) iAtakos S3 V2.0. (Loads but gets stuck looking for hard drive.) So out of all this failure it seems the hard drive its the problem.. i'm not sure why because the Hard drive is SATA which will work. I have tried the -f Command as suggested by someone. Didnt work. i'm also thinking its the chipset although it has loaded to setup a couple times. reason i didnt go through with setup is because i neglected to set aside some free space in windows for mac os and not wanting to lose my windows install i rebooted not fearing that it wouldnt start. but now it and all others will not start. i've never had an install do this. what should i do. BTW when it did do setup almost everything but the graphics (of course) wasnt detected by system profile. whats nice about this Hp over the ACER is that it detects the Trackpad and the Keyboard. the ACER would only detect my USB mouse i had handy but no keyboard and trackpad. I also want to note that the ACER i talked about had the same problem with snowleo distro. it loaded to setup once then gave up. Please help i really want to get this done while i have the time! ( :
  13. I Dream of a Hackintosh (Again)

    Just tried to use the Hazard snow leopard server and it wont boot to setup as well.. i'm starting to think that my hard drive is not compatible but how do you tell in a laptop? according to the specs i pulled off the internet about my hard drive it is a SATA hard drive. but when i use the boot selector screen it says IDE0: Hitachi which is the hard drive this has. so i'm guessing that is my problem. so i'm just going to give up until i get my other laptop as it is newer and is also intel so i may have a different hard drive and will most likely be more compatible with snow leopard. unless someone has a suggestion on what i should do next. i've tried 4 distros so far and i might try one more from ideneb if they have an updated one next.
  14. I Dream of a Hackintosh (Again)

    I havent tried that one yet but i will. thank you!! **Update** I have tried iAtkos v7 and it wont boot to setup.. I also tried snowleo and was able to get to setup once but my mouse wouldnt work so i'm thinking it froze cause not even the keyboard would work. but i was only able to get to setup once the other two times i tried it wouldnt get passed a part that would say coreraidserver in which it would say not responding. so i went to the bios and looked for settings with my hard drive and the only setting for it was i think AHCI and IDE mode. when i switched it to AHCI i was able to get to a part that said unable to mount both dev/diskos2 and dev/diskos3 does anyone have any idea why i was only able to get to the setup once and why it seems that my hard drive isn't able to be read.. atleast thats what i think the problem is. and also what are a list of AMD distros out there?