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  1. New featurettes

    I don't see it showing up yet. And I have build 10A421. Finder's info panels show meta data for images. In Expose, if the window titled has been abreviated (eg, "Insanely Macforum . . . foobar"), hovering over will expand the title.
  2. Exchange/Google/Yahoo... it works!

    Mail and iCal work fine for me too, but Address Book doesn't connect with Google or Yahoo yet.
  3. I'm dual booting, but I haven't gone back to Leopard yet. I'm going to keep Leopard until RTM as a backup. Unless you really need the disk space, there's no reason to trash your old OS.
  4. New featurettes

    What Chryz said. I'm obviously doing it because I'm curious. +Mail.app automatically configures Gmail accounts with IMAP instead of POP.
  5. New featurettes

    Features Apple (wisely) doesn't tout Quicklook supports text clippings Expose includes the Dock, fades out the menubar, and has a little animation for hiding non-Expose-able windows Finder has a context menu for disc burning instead of the unintuitive old way LCD font smoothing (whatever that means)
  6. Install OSX on two partitions?

    I'm doing the same and it works without a hitch. Always backup if you're partitioning just in case.