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  1. @fusion71au, thanks for your fast answer, sadly no solution for the sleep-problem.
  2. Problem entering sleep-modus in Yosemite 10.10.1 Since OS X 10.10 there are Problems with sleep --> XPS M1530 reboots after some seconds entering sleep-modus. I'm using latest Clover Rev 3113, set hibernate mode to "0", used Patched AppleRTC.kext but nothing works for me, always rebooting after some seconds going to sleep. Any solution for this? Is this a common problem, or only a problem for my setup? Thanks for any help/solution!
  3. @danofun Changing my Bus Speed in Clover to 181.000 now sound (both patched applehda and voodoohda) is working well for me, my CPU is Intel T7500. Thanks
  4. @fusion71au Thanks for the kext, with chameleon it works perfekt for me, but with clover there is still stuttering sound issue. Do I need any special setups for clover? @Darwin Thank you for the voodoohda kext, but still the thame as with the applehda from fusion71au: It works with chameleon, but stuttering sound with clover. Strange!
  5. Problem with voodohda and Clover If did the upgrade to OS X 10.10 for my Dell M1530, everything works except sound. I`v tried latest voodoohda 2.8.7 as well some older. With Chameleon sound works well, with Clover I get bad cracking sound. Could someone give me a patched applehda Kext for clover? This is my system: Thanks!
  6. Hi Indiandragon, could you please upload your FakeSMC and HWMonitor app here, or show me a link for this? Thanks!
  7. @luggi I don't really know what the installer exactly do, but it works! sleep is working for me: for enabling sleep type this in terminal: sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 sudo rm /var/vm/sleepimages By default, when closing the lid, the content of the ram is saved to disk for safety. The ram is still powered on however, and is used when starting up again. The content saved on disk is only used in case of a power loss. This behavior can be changed, at the cost of some safety, so that memory content is not saved to disk. But with this setting sleep works for me, only if the battery is empty (no power on) you will loos your contents...
  8. Dell XPS m1530: with the new generic DSDT from Post 1 everything is working fine for me with Lion 10.7 here are my Extra folder and my used kexts in S/L/E: Extra: Extra_for_Lion_m1530_T7500___2.2Ghz.zip S/L/E: S_L_E_for_Lion_m1530_T7500___2.2Ghz.zip for kext installation use Kext Wizard: Kext_Wizard.zip for latest Chameleon bootloader use Chameleon Wizard: Chameleon_Wizard.zip for editing org.chameleon.Boot.plist (boot-options) use Lizard: Lizard.zip for checking P-States use VoodooMonitor: VoodooMonitor.zip Enjoy!
  9. Hi Luggi, could you please upload your Extra Folder, I can't mange to get SD-Cart Slot working. Everything else is working for me too, but not SD-cart Slot? What kext did you use in S/L/E? Thank you! holgix For Trackpad I found a installer somewere (can't remember were I found it). It works for me, but only for booting 64 bit (arch=X86_64). Just install --> reboot --> go to system preferences and check Trackpad prefpane! Synaptics_Trackpad_Enabler.zip Enjoy!
  10. Snow Leopard on a DELL XPS M1530

    Has anybody a patched DSDT for M1530 with CPU T7500 and NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT? I'm using SL 10.6.2 with a generic DSDT, everything works but sleep and shut down doesn't. Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot....