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  1. the_one_who_must_not_be_named.org works for me
  2. speech

    10.4.4 Security Broken

    well done maxxuss. Just some little questions : - will all screen resolutions be available (like 1280x800 with ATI 9600 cards) ? - will intel centrino acpi work (maybe) and ipw2200b/g too (i don't think so) ?
  3. Hi. Could you tell me how to boot in single user mode when os X86 is installed. I can only see the darwin black screen with the spinning pipe, then I get the black screen with gray apple. As I don't have the command key on my key board, I wonder how to do a "command S"... Thanks.
  4. speech

    osx86 on amilo m (fujitsu siemens)

    GREAT NEWS : 10.4.3 BF1099 + Maxxuss 1.1 patch is working with, I think, 3D support (50 fps at openGL Xbench test). Install with mach_kernel.nonx Ethernet OK, sound OK, no wifi sad.gif 1024*768 instead of 1280*800, but it works. I know it's double post.
  5. GREAT NEWS : 10.4.3 BF1099 + Maxxuss 1.1 patch is working with, I think, 3D support (50 fps at openGL Xbench test). Install with mach_kernel.nonx Ethernet OK, sound OK, no wifi 1024*768 instead of 1280*800, but it works.
  6. speech

    ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Mobility

    Great Mr. Coconut, but what are your specs ? Do you too have ATI 9600 Pro Mobility or 9700 recognized as a 9600 one ?
  7. speech

    ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Mobility

    I have the same problem than FlatEric, and a near computer (touchpad 5.x). I've moved ATIRadeon* to ATI.old/ and when I boot with -x I got display: family specific matching fails then it reboots. My 9700 128 MB is recognized as a 9600 128MB in darwin boot loader. So, is it the end of the story ?
  8. speech

    Adding files in -s boot

    Great ! I got mount /dev/disk1s3 /mnt/temp --> incorrect super block. but with mount_ntfs no problem. Now I am able to download files from the internet and add it to my system. I have still bad issues with "VGA: family" but I'm working on it. @ Zero : I boot with -s aside from that it reboots or freezes, that depends on the existence of ATIRadeon9700 stuffs. (after VGA: family error). Thanks for your quick answers
  9. How can I add files to my os X install ? I can't boot very far, so I can only work in -s mode. I'd like to add files to System/Library/Extensions from USB hard drive, cd, dvd or USB stick. But, I'm not able to mount anything. My USB HD seems to be recognized because in /dev I can see it (disk1s1,2,3). Thanks for you help, I am doing progress every day.
  10. speech

    Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    babaev, I'm using deadmoo wmware image, copied to HD. It doesn't work, because of the trackpad (I guess). I think of using your patch, but, did you have this ApplePS2Controler.kext at the very beginning and tried to replace it, or was your first installation clean of this kext ? I have seen that there is an AppleTrackpad.kext on Darwin source code site for my trackpad (synaptic) but I have anything to compile it.
  11. I have done minor progress. Now I'm stucked like you with this trackpad, because I think it is the trackpad : last line before freeze. EDIT : I've renamedApplePS2Controller.kext and now there is no problem with the trackpad, but with VGA: Family specific matching fails (but it's due to ATI video card). I have disabled the trackpad in the bios. ...it wasn't the right thing to : I lost the keyboard :-D
  12. speech

    VGA Family

    Ok, thx. It worked. Now I've got "ApplePS2Trackpad : synaptics TouchPad v5.9" and it freezes.
  13. Hi. In a last attempt I copied the wmware image from USB HD to my laptop (amilo m with ati 9600). If I boot without parameter, it reboots. If I boot with -x (and -v) I can see after 10-15 secs a message just before the reboot : "VGA Family <something>". So I read that I have to delete ATIRadeon9700.bundle.kext. So I boot with -s, I do cd towards the right directory, but, it's read only How can I remove the kext ? Or should I edit the wmware image under XP (or linux) ? I've tried 5 or 6 differents methods before with the generic DVD, but I've got other errors (I can't reach the install GUI : IOKit timed out). thx.
  14. speech

    IOKit timed out

    still no idea ?