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  1. I am not having too much luck with this... I have tried installs with Vanilla, Voodoo, and Speedstep all ending with either a black screen after the apple logo or weird patterns (see above).
  2. some more info: -Processor - Intel P4 3.40ghz -chipset - Intel 925XE Express ICH6R, North bridge Intel 82925XE MCH, South bridge Intel 82801FR ICH6R -video card - ATI HD3650 -sata hard drive -ahci mode on HD controller edit: added a picture of the screen when it boots and freezes
  3. Hey guys, I am having a lot of trouble trying to get this hackintosh up and running. I have been scouring the forums and Google for a few days now but not having any luck. I am trying to use iDeneb v1.4 to install on my P5AD2. i selected almost every different install option (separate instances) and just cannot seem to get past the boot screen. the white back-dropped apple will come up and spinner will spin, but after a few min. either the screen will flash blue then go blank or the get some wacky patterns that just stay there. Any help would be appreciated thanks