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  1. This has always occurred in both a fresh install and well-used OSX86. Microsoft office 2008 has this weird cursor glitch that causes the image of the mouse or the crosshair to freeze in place. Is it my copy or does osx86 do this to microsoft office? How can I solve this? Remember this is quite annoying for me because they cursor often freezes in the space where I'm about to type my sentence so it's not something I should just ignore. Any suggestions?
  2. I've been on a hackintosh for so long now and I saw it as a victory getting hackintosh, with great difficulty and care, on my Sony Vaio. However, it is almost 4 years old now and I'm approaching higher education; this laptop just won't work for me. Therefore I'm getting a Mac mini. This is going to be my first genuine Mac () so I want suggestions on what exactly I should do with it software-wise. How can I maximise its performance? To what extent can I multitask? Will it crash when doing coursework? Is it stable when playing Java/Flash games online? Please come up with any info you can think of about the Mac mini (positive stuff please) so I can gain a fresh insight into the fruits of my computer. Thanks!
  3. I can change the sound level on my laptop using the Function + Volume up/down combo but the Function + Brightness up/down combo doesn't work. Is there any way to fix it?
  4. I'm having one problem. I've got the trackpad working but there's no scroll (1-finger or 2-finger) and the tracking is really slow and I don'[t know how to make it faster. I adjusted the mouse speed in SysPrefs but that only made the external USB mouse faster.
  5. Will trying to install bootcamp on my osx86 on my Windows laptop affect its boot system to the extent that it might fail to boot up? Is there any way to safely install boot camp on my laptop so no probs will occur without the need of some crappy emulator like VMware?
  6. I have OSX86 Leopard on my Intel PC which works brilliantly. How do I upgrade to SL? Does anyone have a tut on how to upgrade to SL or to install SL on my laptop? Will it work properly, drivers, chameleon etc? Is it reliable and faster than OSX86 Leopard? And if there's a working torrent for 10.6 for Intel PCs, can someone please PM me a link to the torrent? DO NOT post it here.
  7. On my Intel laptop I have Leopard installed and the battery life in my old Vista HP default was absolutely terrible. On battery, in the lowest brightness setting, it only lastest for one and a half hours. It was only 30 mins on the highest brightness setting. Does Leopard promise me a longer battery life unplugged without having to sore my eyes with the lowest brightness? If it does, is it due to Apple doing a good job with the OS' handling of processes to the amount of battery power required to run the system? Also can we change the brightness setting in our hackintosh laptop and like Windows' Power Options, can the brightness change automatically from when we disconnect the power lead from it? If so then please tell me how, I haven't got Leopard yet but I want to knmow if it's possible. Thanks guys.
  8. On my laptop I have two ports for putting in SD and Memory Stick Pro duo cards, which worked in windows, and I really need to use my SD card to transfer some important data. Are tere drivers available for this?
  9. The problem's been solved for me but Iused iAtkos v7
  10. Sir, you are a FANTASTIC human being! You are the only person to have saved me from my long struggle to increase my resolution. I've been trying and researching for ages and you finally give me the solution. Sir, I thank you very greatly.
  11. Intel GMA X3100

    I've a question. Any chance this'll work with Intel GMA950? Is there one for 950?
  12. Here are the details for 'Display' in sysprofler. Type: Display Bus: Built-In VRAM (Total): 64 MB of Shared System Memory Vendor: Intel (0x8086) Device ID: 0x27a2 Revision ID: 0x0003 ROM Revision: OpenGL Engine activated via EFI String Kernel Extension Info: No Kext Loaded Displays: Display: Resolution: 1024 x 768 Depth: 32-Bit Color Core Image: Software Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Not Supported QuartzGL: Supported I want a resolution higher than the one I'm stuck at. I've tried graphics mode and the 10.5.8 update but nothing worked. I enabled QuartzGL but that didn't do much. What do I do? Intel GMA 950 is supported and I know a solution is around, because I've been googling a lot. However the posts I saw on google (here on insanelymac) were rather complicated instructions that involved natit.kext. Someone please give me the best and quickest solution for increasing the resolution Thanks.
  13. I did two things which may have messed up my Mac OS. Firstly I went to osx86tools and enabled that QuartzGL thing. Then befoe rebooting I changed the boot.plist so that it loads in graphics mode. Now whenever I boot it up, before going to chameleon andbefoer I could press F8, it restarts and does this continually. I booted into my iatkos DVD and went into single user mode and discovered that whn I went to nano, the boot.plist file was missing a lot of information. I didn't know what to do. What do I do??
  14. Yes obviously I went to customise in the Installer. I selected the right grahpics card too. Mac's jst not using it