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  1. Overclocking/GMA950 Motherboards

    it looks like you could get everything working on the gigabyte board but it looks tricky. I think i'm just going to spend the extra money, and go with the pentium d930 and Asus P5LD2-VM, and not worry about overclocking right now. it seems like the Asus board has been tested more and the d930 seems like a better proc. anyways. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Overclocking/GMA950 Motherboards

    The abit board looks a little expensive, and only suports 2 gigs of ram, I might want 4 eventually. i'm not wanting to overclock a whole lot (I want it to stay stable), but the Gigabyte GA-8I945G looks like its in my price range. do you know compatiable these boards are with osx?
  3. Overclocking/GMA950 Motherboards

    I found this post after a quick search http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?sh...nn+945G7MA-8KS2 it looks like its possable to get the sound and ethernet working but it might be kinda hard. why is the asus harder to overclock? also is the asus 100% compatable?
  4. Overclocking/GMA950 Motherboards

    sorry I forgot to put that in my post, Ive decided to go with the gma 950 built in for now. And this ram http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227047 seems like it would work good for me.
  5. I think I have decided on the pentium d 805 for the proc. and the intel 945 chipset for an hackintosh. but I need help deciding on which mobo. to get. newegg lists 3 chipsets for the 945 the Intel 945PL Express, the Intel 945P, and the Intel 945G. also many brands for all of them. I'm wanting to overclock the proc. some so I dont think I want an Intel mobo. also I want a board that is going to be very compadable with osx. Should I even be looking at the 945 chipset or are there more compadable boards out there? also out of the ones I listed which chipset and brand are the most compadable and still good for overclocking?
  6. noobie questions

    I have a few question about osx86 that I would like to have answered before I go out and buy new hardware. 1. How does osx run if you get the right pc for it? can you make a pc that will run it as fast as say a g5 desktop system? 2. what would be the fastest pc for it, mobo, cpu, videocard, etc. (I think this one has been answered but I just wanted everyones opinon) also how would it compare to real macs. 3. how stable is it, I know setting it up will be hard, but once its setup will it be comparable to a real mac, (in terms of stability)? 4. I have a asus k8vse with an athlon 64 2800 cpu, from what ive read my cpu is will not work, but if I could keep this mobo and just replace the cpu that would make things a bit cheaper. Will amd cpus run as well as intel on osx86, or should I just get a pentium 4? 5. If I got the right hardware is it likelly that I would run into a lot of problems during the install, I have read the install guides, and they don't seem to comlicated, but i'm not sure how many problems most people run into... 6. also will osx86 run mac software, mainlly phothoshop? and how well?