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  1. Take One, Leave One

    jQuery _________ sudo rm -rf / or stolen laptop with insurance
  2. Dell Latitude E5500

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...amp;pid=1263832 for graphics
  3. GMA X4500

    Does the x3100FB.kext mod work on Snow Leopard? The other method (With the chameleon resolution) does not work on my HackBook but the x3100 FB mod works fine other than the cursor disappear which I really don't care about that much.
  4. GMA X4500

    ^^ Same on my Dell Laditude Is there a way to get aperture to work with the gma 4500mhd? I cannot edit previous characters without deleting every thing after it in the normal editor but quick edit and quick reply will let me?
  5. Broadcom 570x and 575x

    14e4:1674 is my id. Can I have the kexts or is there one aready in this thread? I searched for it in this thread and did not find the download.
  6. GMA X4500

    I got the screen resolution right. I have the cursor issue (Dell laditude E5500) and the screen is black on boot. Putting it to sleep will get the screen to come on again. I boot it up and after it finishes booting the screen turns off. Then I push Fn+F1 to put it to sleep then I wake it back up and it works
  7. you have to scrool way down to get to the submit button and when you click on the forum with subforums you do not see the posts in that forum until you scroll down. (On a 1280x800 screen) The default skin (ip.board pro) is a little better but not much. Now where is that submit button?
  8. why did you make a hackintosh?

    I had this spare core 2 duo machine laying around that I wanted to use more but it ran windows
  9. GMA X4500

    Dell e5500:Still cannot change resolution