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  1. Not sure if someone is working on it: the IGP is disabled by the BIOS emulator (that's why it doesn't shows up in the device list). The only way to enable it is to modify the BIOS (quite hard) or do a re-enable trick in the bootsector like this one (if there are any bytes left). It's probably easier to spam Apple.
  2. Nope, sadly they don't and if you looking for a good laptop to run W7 then I suggest to look further. Boot camp on these machines is a sick joke; the crippled drivers and the castrated bios emulation is simply not worth the money. You can get way better for far less.
  3. Only on the disk that contains the MBR to boot Windows. No idea ... but if you've made a backup you're always safe (the script makes a backup of the MBR which you can restore)
  4. Thanks, that clarifies a lot for me. Does this mean that booting Windows 7 (x64) natively via EFI give access to AHCI and both display adapters?
  5. Switching graphicscard in Windows on MacBook Pro

    AFAIK (new to EFI based systems) the hacked inf's will not do much since the SMC(?) doesn't expose the other video card (at least not the Intel IGP on my i7). Maybe it's possible in the same way as enabling AHCI via the MBR. If I'm talking noobish here, please do correct me. I would be very happy if I could switch between them even if I have to reboot to do so. But I've been searching for about a week now and haven't found a thing that comes close. And I don't see Apple spending any effort into this real soon considering the quality of all their other bootcamp drivers. (It almost looks like they are trying to put Windows in a bad daylight -- which they are actually) I should have done some more research before I ordered this MBP because if I knew that driver support was this bad I would have bought another Dell or Sony. (Probably both considering the price of this MBP)
  6. Same for me (i7 MBP); the script of the first post didn't work for me. Had to restore the backup mbr and did it again with the i5 script. Works! Thanks!! Any ideas why Apple doesn't support this out of the box? Also is there a way to enable the Intel IGP this way? (Sorry if this sounds noobish, but I'm completely lost why AHCI has to be enabled in the mbr instead of the bios in the first place)
  7. Alternative Multitouch Trackpad Driver for Windows 7 is Out

    Sounds great, but the download links says: The Trackpad++ project is temporary suspended. Google cache says: http://trackpad.powerplan7.com/Trackpad++_...v12a_32_bit.zip http://trackpad.powerplan7.com/Trackpad++_...v12a_64_bit.zip Enjoy!
  8. Thanks! I just received my remote controller today and this is way better then to walk to your Mac in the middle of the night just to give it a shutdown (because you fell asleep during that boring movie). Great work.
  9. Cocoa Tutorial

    Thanks! Great tutorial
  10. Thank you! Great work! My VM is sooo much faster with this driver. Would love to see an auto resize in the future. This forum has helped this MacNoob alot.