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  1. Hi That would be a kind of piracy that I unfortunately cant do The installation procedure works fine with a legit snow leopard dvd (29$ us), if you don't feel to pay for the os google is your friend! Good luck!
  2. Dont know, worth a try perhaps. This compile is originally made for Inspiron 6400 with Core(2)Duo processors and GMA950. Otherwise I'd recommend these guides here and in noob's guide
  3. Have you disabled the Dual Core in bios?
  4. Woaa, I meant no offense so chill in the corner of the nerds please. Let anyone try it and return their agony to me then and we will fix it together, like a team. Or I will fix it, I'll even keep you company in the N-corner. Promise.
  5. Well, yes and no. The GMA950 installer (enclosed in the package) ensures an artifact free environment. I always figured the TSCSync to be a bit buggy so it's excluded. The system boots to 32 bit unless you force it to boot to 64. The guide you refer to is one of the worst to follow, the number of conditionals and unknowns are way to many. With this package (which i claim no credit for) your 6400-system is up and running within 20 minues. Take it or leave it, it's still here - working extremely well!
  6. To be honest, both Snow Leopard and Snow Leopard Server works like a charm on these Dell Laptops. I always try to create as transparent hackintoshs as possible (as few hacks as possible, preferably an original install booted with a Chameleon or Boot 132 cd). This enables neat features like upgrading directly from the Apple Updater, and so on! You need A laptop, preferably an Inspiron 6400 A Macintosh, or Hackintosh, to perform the initial tasks A Snow Leopard or Snow Leopard Server installation DVD (buy one from Apple store) And if your equipment don't support several disks, an external chassis for your hard drive. This package with drivers and boot loaders The rest of the guide can be found here, http://trikks.wordpress.com/2009/09/23/del...leopard-server/ Check the video proof at youtube,
  7. Great, awsome. But how on earth do I change the contents of the dmg and iso files? This is a common problem and it would be nice if someone would write a step by step guide. And since someone was asking, I've uploaded the boot.plist and dsdt.aml from a working Leopard Vanilla installation on a GMA950 laptop (Dell Inspiron 6400). dsdt.aml.zip com.apple.boot.plist.zip