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  1. Snow Leopard 10A432 reported to be Golden Master

    Not sure if was mentioned above but this is not the GM! From the MacRumors forums: "I work for Apple in London & i can confirm that build 10a432 is not the Golden Master it has just been given to select devs to test a few expert issues. 10A433 is on it's way (for server at least) and with uncomplete features like no prefs for quicktime and no default 64-bit for capable machines (i mean that not even the extensions are 64-bit by default). The installation has been polished and is being tested by the chosen devs. As i have heard there will be 1 or 2 more builds before it gets to golden master. There is still a bit of testing going on with the new bootcamp drivers but other than that it's basically there. i hope this corrects a few things, i'm not sure how pretty much the entire internet has got this wrong but none the less mistakes happen."
  2. NTFS in Snow Leopard?

    Yeah me too, but I'd rather not use it if it was Apple who removed it off their system
  3. Did anybody get Quicklook plugins to work?
  4. NTFS in Snow Leopard?

    hopefully I won't need it ;D Maybe but Apple must have taken it out for a reason. Anyways, there are always 3rd party solutions which will be ready when SL is released. I'd like to know why Apple doesn't like NTFS. Neither do I but I have to use it cause FAT has a filesize limit...
  5. NTFS in Snow Leopard?

    Hey man, thanks for you help & effort! I will try if the Golden Master appears in Software Update, which it probably won't. So if it doesn't, I have to reinstall everything anyways. But thanks! Really, I appreciate it EDIT: I said I'm gonna wait but I had nothing to do and tried your steps above. Pacifist works now ! Man, your are awesome! Let's see if I can fix my System Preferences.app EDIT2: Man you are awesome! I works! 32-bit Preference Panes work!! Thanks a lot! After all, I might not have to install everything again thanks to you Thanks again! I could thank you 100x !
  6. NTFS in Snow Leopard?

    Sadly, Pacifist does NOT work under 10.6
  7. NTFS in Snow Leopard?

    NTFS works when I DON't force the 64bit kernel. And yes, I ruined my 32bit system preferences binaries. I ruined it with Xslimmer btw. So what I need is someone to send me their System Preferences.app from the latest build....can you do me a favour ^^? I don't have a backup of that file, and reinstalling would take too much time which I don't have. If you are bored, you could drop me a pm with a link to a System Preferences.app file (:
  8. Snow Leopard 10A432 reported to be Golden Master

    When will we be able to get our hands on that update?
  9. System Preferences.app

    Thanks I sent you a PM few days ago. I hope it will solve this annoying problem...
  10. System Preferences.app

    hmm yeah but it is a pain to format my external hard drive (again) and install it on there to get a file which is maybe 1mb big and then reformat my hard drive and copy my old files on there. I'm not quite sure..if theres no other method then I guess Im gonna do it that way. Or I can just wait for the final version of SL and then just start from scratch... Thanks though
  11. System Preferences.app

    Hey guys. I was using Xslimmer in Snow Leopard to get some more free space on my MacBook Pro. If you don't know what Xslimmer does, it removes the files of an app which makes it run on PowerPC computers (so obviously you are using an Intel machine). So when you install an app which is a Universal Binary (= for PowerPC & Intel), it removes the PowerPC-parts your Intel machine doesn't need and so you win some more free space. Lately, there was an updates which had something to do with the 32/64 bit architecture. I don't really remember what the change log said. Anyways, so after the update I slimmed my apps and surprisingly the System Preferences.app was not blacklisted so it slimmed that as well. I don't know what it did but not my System Preferences.app can't go to 32-bit mode which means that I can't open any 3rd party Preference Panes except the very few ones which were made SL-compatible. Unfortunately I do not have any backups of this file and I am wondering where I can get the System Preferences.app from? I already searched the SL install disc (+hidden files/folders) and tried Pacifist (which does not work on 10.6) and Google won't help me. I am actually not sure if the the System Preference.app is corrupt but I haven't seen any other users complain about Preference Panes not opening. So I guess that must be it. So I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Oh, and when I try to open a Preference Pane which wants to switch to 32-bit mode, System Preference.app just quits. I don't think I can request someone to upload their System Preference.app file but a PM would be nice
  12. Hotspot Shield in 10.6

    Did anybody get Hotspot Shield working in Snow Leopard? When trying to connect, the last thing I can see is the word "Authentication" and the "Disconnected".
  13. NTFS in Snow Leopard?

    Yes I use a real Mac. After trying NTFS-3G and Paragon, NTFS-drives won't even mount on my desktop. I guess I I have to wait until they are SL-compatible..
  14. NTFS in Snow Leopard?

    that is so weird. I can't open ANY Preference Panes at all. System Preferences says that's it's gonna switch to 32-bit mode when I want to open a Preference Pane, and that it just quits. Only Preference Panes that are made 10.6-compatible, like the recently for SL updated Perian 1.1.4, work. And I'm not the only one having problems with Preference Panes... btw, I also tried Paragon NTFS for Mac..no working either
  15. NTFS in Snow Leopard?

    weird..I'll try it again...now. EDIT: again, not working. When I am trying to erase a a drive in Disk Utility I cannot chose to format it as an NTFS drive. Can you open your MacFUSE and NTFS-3G preference panes? Edit 2: Definitely not working here. I tried Paragon and NTFS-3G. I wasn't even really able to uninstall any of those two. I don't know why it is not working for me...