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  1. (surface2osx) Anyone know who patched the mach_kernel for the SP2? There's no credit (or method/s on how to do it). We should probably try to get 10.9.2 working eh?
  2. Tried that but SSDT 1 through to 9 from the SP2 does not have the BAR1 object. Suggestions?
  3. Yeah sorry, should have mentioned I got that BAR1 address from Windows. I haven't used the DSDT from the main post (made my own) You'll have to find your own BAR1.
  4. Yes it works. Use Rehabman's patches.
  5. (surface2osx) Anyone able to get their pen detected with the touch base drivers? Mine doesn't appear at all in the device selector dropdown. Wondering if there's a way to patch the Wacom drivers to recognize the vendor id / product id like how the smart guys do it for AppleHDA...
  6. (surface2osx) Whoever has troubles with the wifi adapter (realtek) breaking your whole USB stack when you unplug it, this command line utility helped me: https://github.com/quen/usbpower Also could be used to suspend the internal marvell wireless and the digitizer if you don't use it (could save battery)
  7. (surface) / (surface2osx) Just curious, does anyone else get a system 'hang' when you unplug your wifi adapter? It's not really a hang/panic, as the system seems to be still running, but the usb ports just completely die. I've tried two wifi adapters (Asus N10 Nano & EDUP N8508) and both are doing the same to me...
  8. For the app store, you need to generate a valid serial via Clove Configurator. Validate it here: https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementWarrantyDynamic.do Keep trying till you find one that works (just press the shake button a few times on Week of Manufacturer and Unit Number). A few I just found: C02L2N1VF5V8, C02L2N1VF5V8, C02LDN1VF5V8 Update your clover config. Delete all of your network adapters from network in preferences. Unplug your wifi adapter if you have one. Delete /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist Reboot. Once back, check that your null ethernet is BSD device "en0" via About My Mac. Open preferences, network, add the ethernet device, wait a minute for it to register. It should say 'self assigned IP' Then you can replug your wifi adapter. Check via About My Mac: Ethernet should be BSD device "en0" Wifi should be BSD device "en1" Should be okay then. Good luck.
  9. : ) I used VoodooHDA 2.8.0 from projectosx -- it should work without any edits (for me it was fine) but the microphone didnt't work properly. I patched it in my files for the IDs i found for the sound device Ven ID = 8086 Dev ID = 9c20 Then added the correct nodes. All in the info.plist if you wanna take a look: https://mega.co.nz/#!5ZN1yZhI!ffq6q9a5Y8HZcvacbUyK6Mz0JE9IMnygJtI1UC0s61w Did anyone actually buy/try the touch/stylus drives? I'm curious if its better on OSX than Windows!...
  10. (surface2osx) Thanks Rehabman. I did dig around the ssdt-5 but never got it to compile properly (alongside the ssdt file that allowed the Intel HD 4400 to work). I will try again next week. I managed to fully enable sleep and wake (with wake on only via the power button) by using GenericXUSBXHC and an additional SSDT file. I set the _STA to zero for PEG0, PEGP, PEG1 and PEG2. Why it has these in the SSDT, i'm clueless, I've only ever seen this on my other laptops with more than one GPU. I'm wondering if this is a correct way to do it or not, but it seems to be working.... If any SP2 user wants to give it a go or let me know if i'm doing it wrong, please do: https://mega.co.nz/#!NJ8XFaBB!Vyh3d0PELqYtMI3HI4jAKZDhtF98GpLsZiPKfxcDrJI So, for me, I have a working dual boot installation on the SSD, battery with percentage/timing correct + ac adapter detection, sound/mic (tested on skype with cam), app store, and finally sleep/wake. Good way to end the week! Still have an issue with my usb wifi adapter causing problems when I unplug it, but oh well.
  11. (surface2osx) Brightness works with Rehabman's patches (thanks!) 2.11 rename GFX0 to IGPU 2.10 brightness fix haswell, you must modify the patch: setting Subtract(\_SB.PCI0.IGPU.BAR1, 4) to 0xF7800004 and removing ^^PCI0.IGPU._DOS(Arg0)\n Regarding the sleep issue, the composite USB device SAM (the touchpad, keyboard and another sensor) keeps waking up the device. RehabMan, i'm wondering if there is a way to disable the remote wake attribute of a specific USB port via the dsdt? Been trying for hours...!
  12. (surface2osx) Regarding sleep, I took a look today, I am able to get the device to go to sleep, but it will wake up immediate due to a device called 'SAM' (as reported in the console: a 'remote wakeup'). I reckon it's some kind of sensor, but i'm not really sure what it is. The usb port that the 'SAM' device is on is port 3 of the internal usb hub, which seems to be a composite device in Windows. :-/ I'm wondering if there is a way to disable this 'SAM' device / port, or even all the USB ports when the system goes to sleep, and wake them up when you press the power button.
  13. Try booting from the USB into the installer again, but don't run the installer. Open Terminal from the menu and copy mach_kernel from the USB to where you installed OS X. Something like below (replace USBDrive and MacintoshOnSSD with your names) cp -R /Volumes/USBDrive/mach_kernel /Volumes/MacintoshOnSSD/
  14. (surface2osx) If it stops during installation and you're installing to the SD card, the device probably went to sleep. I don't recommend installing on an SD card either; it is recognized as a USB 3 device in OSX and until we solve problems of sleep, it's probably not the best way. Also, I really recommend everyone patching their own dsdt via rehabman's guide. The dsdt.aml file works, but it does have a bunch of warnings. https://github.com/RehabMan/HP-ProBook-4x30s-DSDT-Patch/wiki/How-to-patch-your-DSDT To fix brightness on a resolved dsdt.aml file with no warnings & errors, I did the below: From Rehabman's patches: 1. Use patch 2.11 (Rename GFX0 to IGPU) 2. Find out the BAR1 for the Intel Corp VGA controller in Windows with RW-Everything 3. Use patch 2.10 (Brighness fix Haswell), modify the patch so "Subtract(\_SB.PCI0.IGPU.BAR1, 4)" is equal to the value you found out for BAR1 and remove "^^PCI0.IGPU._DOS(Arg0)\n" Only issue for me now is sleep, and perhabs the USB (probably a related issue). My wifi dongle (EDUP N508) works, but seems to crash the entire usb process when I unplug it, so I'm wondering if its drivers from Realtek, or more dsdt patching is needed. Geekbench2 giving me a 7002 score, pretty happy so far! http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/2412644