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  1. Install stops at PCI Configuration

    I used a separate hard drive in tandem with my Snow Lep install. I used the usb guide with MBR and instead of using a USB key I used my second HD. One thing that is different on my rig is that I Quad Boot using LILO-(Linux Loader) so I must use a MBR install. After following the instructions for the USB-MBR install, I did everything except install Chameleon. I used the PC-EFI boot as I've talked about above. Then I booted using "-v npci=0x2000" as my parameters. That bootloader is the only one that will boot Lion on my rig. I tried for 3 days straight to get it to work, got pissed quit, came back and finally got it to install, then I had problems with video-(NVIDIA GTS-450) and was able to fix that with a EXTRA folder with the nvenabler kext, ElliotForceLegacyRTC kext, FakeSMC kext, and EvOreboot kext. I also use a Intel 1 gig NIC so I had to use the kext for that also. I am not using any DSDT file. I hope that helps you some.
  2. Install stops at PCI Configuration

    No, it's a complete boot file w/ the PC EFI bootloader. Just copy and paste into the root portion.
  3. I've tried everything, booting npci=0x2000, changing bootloaders, nothing will get me past->waiting for DSMOS. What is it, is there a script I can modify, what? My 10.6.8 install works like butter, but Lion is making me pull my hair out. My Specs=Quad 6600-Abit IP35 Pro-6 GB Corsair Ram-4 HD's -(one alone for Lion w/installer partition on it) GTS-450 ASUS Video-Audigy Sound Card.
  4. Install stops at PCI Configuration

    Here ya go=I had used this link http://mirror.netkas.org/Lion/boot
  5. Install stops at PCI Configuration

    Solved it with Netkas boot file from another poster. Thanks You can mark this solved!!
  6. Install stops at PCI Configuration

    Thanks, I don't have a DSDT because DSDT Patcher throws errors on my MB so I can't use it. I copied the 2 kexts to the Installer partion and now it gets past that but hangs at BootCache.playlist and then KP's. So I am getting farther.
  7. I am trying to install Lion on a Abit IP35 Pro. I have 4 drives-1 Win7, 2 Gentoo Linux, 3 Snow Leop, and trying to install on 4th drive. Followed all instructions to a "T", booted into Installer partition, everything starts to load but stops at "PCI Configuration". I had the same problem after install of 10.6.8 update and replaced 2 kexts to repair. Will I have to replace same kexts to continue install here also? The 2 kexts were AppleACPIPlatform and IOPCIFamily. This was supposed to post to "Lion install on MBR" section, sorry