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  1. Update: Thursday 17th May, 2012 Over half a a year later and running 10.7.1 with no issues, i've been playing Diablo3 in OSX (instead of my windows partition) because it runs fine. Got a few warnings to say that the new OSX updates will allow Diablo to run better so I decide to update via 10.7.4 combo. Only problem is, it crashes just at the end (when it prompts to restart) and I can't run Kakewalk.app prior to rebooting... So I re-run my existing USB stick, and reinstall Lion over the top of my existing OS drive. Update to 10.7.4 combo, re-run Kakewalk and reboot. Everything is fine again. Nothing lost. Managed to get a new 10.7.4 specific NVIDIA driver for my GTX580 and also fixed sleep again (this time, by removing NullCPUManagement.kext from /e/e/ and not using a sleepenabler.kext). Works fine! No additional kext's this time! BIOS does not reset after going to sleep anymore either.
  2. Update: Tuesday 4th of October, 2011 ok the BIOS no longer resets after going to sleep after following this thread, more importantly, this post in summary, 1. copy AppleRTC.kext from /s/l/e/ into /e/e/ 2. open terminal and typed: sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x75\x30\x44\x89\xf8|\xeb\x30\x44\x89\xf8|; s|\x75\x3d\x8b\x75\x08|\xeb\x3d\x8b\x75\x08|' /Extra/Extensions/AppleRTC.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleRTC 3. quit terminal, ran Kext Utility then rebooted. HOWEVER, ever since doing this, ive been getting some random mouse freezing from time to time.. not sure if its due to this or not. it's stopped now so we'll see. so far, nothing else is outstanding. everything is running just as i intend for it to run!!! this is the current specs: Intel i7 920 Gigabyte X58A-UD3R (Rev 2.0) 12GB (6x2) DDR3-1600 G.Skill 1.5GB Inno3D GTX-580 Dell 3008FPW Apogee Duet OSX 10.7.1 via Kakewalk 4.1 USB and the only additional kext's apart from what kakewalk install are the modified AppleRTC.kext for BIOS reset after sleep, the sleepenabler.kext for 10.7.1, and the GTX580 kext.
  3. UPDATE: Monday 3rd of October, 2011 video upgrade success! changed from the GTX285 to a GTX580, using the following kext: http://www.kexts.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1699 and the following simple steps: 1. installed to s/l/e/ (drag directly into Kext Utility) 2. Edited com.apple.Boot.plist in /e/e/ and added the following tags: <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string></string> 3. shutdown and install the new card. that's it... next issue is that i find that when i go to sleep and wake up, the next time i reboot, my BIOS has been reset. ive noticed this happen to a few people so hopefully there should be a simple fix. apart from that, going to sleep and waking up works flawlessly each time. i notice that the BIOS has reset though because the full screen logo appears (i always have this turned off) so its easy to spot that its reset itself...
  4. UPDATE: Sunday 2nd of October, 2011 sleep now works!! i used the following kext: http://www.kexts.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1707. finally, my hack can go to sleep for the first time ever...
  5. UPDATE: Saturday 1st of October, 2011 ok so it's been over a year since i've been on here and i basically sat on 10.6.4 because it was working just fine. hackintosh has been running great EXCEPT for sleep and i just didn't bother tackling it any further because it isn't exactly a life-death need lol... with the release of BF3 on PC (which i play in my windows partition), i've decided to upgrade my video card to a GTX580 (haven't installed yet) and thought it would be a good opportunity to upgrade to Lion. process was all done in a span of just 2hrs or so and could not have been anymore easy!!! i was considering a fresh install but because so many people (hack and real apple) have been going the route of UPDATE to Lion, i thought i'd give it a go. in summary: upgraded my MBP to 10.6.8 and purchased Lion (download) from app store downloaded Kakewalk 4.1 (thanks for such an amazing product) and created a kakewalk USB. took a few tries but I found that if i mounted a COPY of the install DMG from within the Lion app first, then createad the kakewalk USB from the original Lion install app, then the USB install wouldn't bomb out (it was complaining about unmounting the USB). i then performed the 10.6.8 update on my hackintosh, then applied kakewalk 4.1 to the HDD before rebooting. made sure everything was all hunky dory and confirmed again that my backups were all functioning. updated my BIOS to version FF (found some thread that had the FF bios DSDT but havent applied yet). this reset all my BIOS settings so i made sure they were all correct again. rebooted and booted off the kakewalk USB. ran the Lion install and installed it to my main system drive. left the install going for a while and came back to find the login screen. it finished at the login screen, so i logged in and immediately ran the kakewalk app again and applied it to the HDD. rebooted again just to make sure its ok to boot by itself. performed the 10.7.1 update and of course, applied kakewalk 4.1 to the HDD again before rebooting. everything seems to be running fine now. i previously had issues with sleep and i havent tested it yet... but it seems that sleep has been resolved for a lot of people with the rev 2.0 of the X58A-UD3R board, so finger's crossed! next thing to tackle is swapping out my GTX285 for my new GTX580. need to research a bit but it SEEMS that it should be straight forward and just a direct swap??? UPDATE: A little later... damnit, i just installed a 10.7.x sleepenabler kext into /e/e/ but failed to read other threads that it causes kernel panics with 10.7.1. also, didnt know i could use install disc to open up terminal to simply delete the kext. instead, im now re-running the Lion install/update all over again ahwell, lesson learned! no sleepenabler yet for 10.7.1!
  6. nullspot, looks like youve had a really busy week!!! i'll give your 920 dsdt and other instructions a shot
  7. wow... pages and pages of n00b questions that mostly can be answered by a search. no wonder a lot of posts go by unnoticed... my firewire works completely ootb on my X58A-UD3R rev2.0 board as i'm using it for pro audio too, running an Apogee Duet.
  8. wow so weird! i went all the way back and: uninstalled realtek drivers. deleted network preferences and rebuilt caches with onyx. then i followed the same steps as when i first built my hack, so i re-ran 10.6.3 update then re-ran kakewalk 2.2 usb then reinstall realtek drivers. im still stuck at halfduplex!! hah! edit: weird. after all of that, all i did one last thing that didnt cross my mind (but then, why should it) - i rebooted my router too. wtf now my nic has 1gbit link speed. errrrr im not complaining. at least it works now.
  9. ahhhhhh yea that's what ive been trying to do. various orders of reinstalling stuff - deleting preferences, re-doing caches, uninstalling realtek driver. reinstalling kakewalk, then reinstalling drivers. think i should take it a further step backwards and uninstall drivers, delete preferences, rebuild caches, then reinstall 10.6.3 then re-do kakewalk then re-do drivers all over again!! hahaha that's exactly whats happening to me too... word for word! im just hoping that as more people start getting rev2.0 boards, more solutions start to arise as time goes on...
  10. man i seem to have taken a mighty step backwards. my NIC will now only be set to half duplex and i only get 1mb/s speeds on my local gigabit network was definitely set to gigabit when i first installed just the realtek drivers off the realtek site as per my earlier post immediately following my successfully kakewalk 2.2 usb install. now no matter what i do (delete preferences then cache then reinstall drivers), i can only get half-duplex speed on my nic??????? {censored} weird.
  11. apogee duet running 100% fine here.
  12. i havent bothered with geekbench and as previously stated, my primary concern is getting sleep to work so i too tried using soemo's DSDT this afternoon. sleep STILL doesn't work for me so i also then added sleepenabler.kext (again) in conjunction with soemo's DSDT and still the same result. but since going to his/her DSDT, i too now get the orange icons and eject icons, and my LAN link speed in network utility is 0mb/s instead of my gigabit. actual net usage speeds seem ok though. back to the drawing board - STILL NO SLEEP RESOLUTION
  13. as i told you in PM, more ppl are having luck with rev1.0 than 2.0. i highly doubt that your mobo is 'mislabelled'. it'll tell you what rev it is in the bottom right corner of the board itself. maybe its faulty. which is what i wrote in my previous post... thanks again for the recommendation. how did soemo's DSDT go with sleep??
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    Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    funny that, i JSUT asked the exact same thing...................