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  1. The Final FAQs before OSX install

    Yes. Semthex kernel is an option in the installer disc. So JaS 10.4.8 is all you need.
  2. Send the rex (midi) to track in the sequencer. Right click the group and click Change Events Alter tempo 200% and click OK Done!
  3. Cheap USB sound cards

    Has anyone tried Creative Xmod? Cheap. USB. Native Mac support/no driver required. White iMac/iPodish design.
  4. Microsoft keyboard key ?

    Won't you tell us? I think Kaspers' picture shows very well the way to do it. Set the Command key as Option. Set the Option key as Command. Result? Alt key will be Option and Windows key Command. I'm used to the mac keyboard layout and haven't switched anything. I don't look at the keyboard anyway.
  5. Adobe Audition replacement

    Download Adobe Soundbooth Beta The wave editor of Audition but no multitrack or advanced effects For PC AND AT LAST Mac http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/soundbooth.html (this beta may not include all the features and functionality that will be in the final product)
  6. I'd say go Nvidia because it seems to be a lot more working GeForce cards than working ATI cards.
  7. Thank you DaxTsurugi! Is it possible that forthcoming kext versions behaves in other ways? Btw, has anyone tried Titan using 6200TC?
  8. My 6200TC is fully working after the Natit installer. But it's behaving strange when booting though. When the white/grey Apple boot logo disappears the video output is turned off, making my VGA monitor go "No signal" and then turn off. 10 seconds later (I guess after automatic login), it switches on again and when the monitor has woken up Finder has finished loading. It's not a big deal, but a bit confusing. What about it? The login window should be a basic 1024*768 just like the installation process? Or am I wrong?
  9. I would get the complete JaS 10.4.8 Re-Release and overwrite your 10.4.5 Do not install the USB2.0 fix though. When the installation is done, run Natit installer and reboot again.
  10. Best Sound Card for OSX86?

    I don't have that card so I can't confirm compability. But it should work.
  11. Best Sound Card for OSX86?

    PCI or USB/Firewire? M-audio 2496 Audiophile is cheap and it comes with Mac drivers.
  12. No keyboard+mouse

    Thanks for your help! I just read the Asus P5W DH Deluxe thread (my mainboard is P5WD2-E) which had working kexts for audio/net/usb2.
  13. Hello, I've had the 10.4.6 JaS and 10.4.7 working earlier. Now I erased my drive and ran the newest 10.4.8 installation disc. Installation ran fine as always. I had the 10.4.8 compo update, the AzaliaAudio patch, the USB2 patch, and Semthex kernel. ...but as soon OS X is loaded my PS2-keyboard/USB-mouse won't react to anything. No input at all. All I could do was watching the welcome video and the grey Getting started/registration guide asking me to pick a country in the list. But as I don't have any inputs I couldn't do anything.... I erased the drive again, reinstalled and chose the mifki kernel but mifki did not boot/hung at the bright apple boot screen. Erased once more, had 10.4.6 back and completed the Getting started from there. When working fine, I ran the 10.4.8 disc again upgrading my 10.4.6. After reboot OSX loaded fine, but still no keyboard/mouse. I couldn't find this problem in other threads. Any ideas?
  14. Booting with XP and x86, no grub or linux

    Acronis OS Selector is great, and is a part of their Disk Director.
  15. OSX grey boot splash screen

    Yes, open Terminal and type: sudo -s pico /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist Now you're editing the Boot plist so be careful. Search (press Ctrl+W) for Kernel Flags and then remove the flag -v Exit pico (press Ctrl+X) and choose Y (as in Yes) to save changes. Now you're back in Terminal as shell. Now type exit twice more to exit sudo and log out of Terminal. Close applications and reboot.