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  1. I have an issue on ML with internet sharing. ethernet works fine and wifi works fine. I go to share ethernet over wifi and i push start in interent sharing and wifi turns itself off. its like it fails to start and shuts off internet sharing is checked and on and I can go turn wifi back on and use wifi again while internet sharing is on but if I turn off internet sharing and then try to start it again wifi just shuts off. please help if you know a solution
  2. I need MAJOR help with which drivers to choose at the install screen in iDeneb 10.5.6 I know I have a Asus P5QL EPU mother board, an intel core 2 duo 2.8 Ghz processor, im not in front of the computer now so not sure on other hardware. Basically: when i enter the "customize" screen im a little skeptical on which driver to choose for audio, network, fix, chipset. I know what video i need, but all the others, i dont know, i tried a few different sequences, first i got a mandatory restart prompt on initial boot, on the next try I ran a "-v" and got a repeated message that said "too many crashes in rapid succession" and i am stumped on what i need to change, can anyone help, I can provide the different drivers i chose for each category currently when i return to my computer. Thanks to anyone who can help me with what i feel is an elementary problem
  3. Leopard or any Mac OS on Asus P5QL EPU?

    can it be done, im running windows 7 now and intended to put leopard on it, I boot using iAtkos 10.5.7 DVD and the Darwin just restarts the computer and loads windows again, nothing seems to work. Anyone know if it can be done??