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  1. I ran mad when trying my 32GB iPad Mini Retina cellular. I always ended in a reboot loop. Now I succeeded. How I did it: 1. restored the device from DFU mode 2. ran Evasi0n just as mentioned above, but: 3. After the first reboot, when the evasi0n app is visible, I disabled auto lock. 4. After tapping evasi0n app the device restarted, for a few seconds there is a slide to unlock bar visible. I slided it and it rebooted without loop. Very happy after! Happy new year! Philipp
  2. HI DD, I love it! I have three EX58 running using your script. As I was suspect about using 10.9 combined with your script, I first tried it on my reserve HDD. Runs perfectly using the same kexts. Anything goes. USB3.0, Sound, Sleep, Wake, parallel SCSI, patched AppleRTC, all from ML. Even iMessage and AppStore OK. Now I am really getting silly..... I cannot modify my original ML Drive for Mavericks as your script does not run on it. Once I recognized this I went back here... And- you are a god - you did tell the world your script would be arranged for 10.9 within a few days. I love it! Thank you! Philipp PS: Ok, I got it. I just use my other ML-Hacks for updating my first server HDD, works! Always great to have a few reserves to ply with! ... Had to patch the AppleRTC from 10.9 as 10.8 made trouble. Now all stable here.
  3. Hackintosh EX58 UD5 12GB RAM 3GHz schneller als Apple Mac Pro 4,1 8core Pls. visit my offer on ebay. Drop PM if interested in making an offer. thx. Philipp
  4. it won't fit my motorbike's holder. It won't fit inside my dension car kit. It won't fit into my stereo. It won't fit my other acc. There's no LTE here... So... surely not gonna fit inside my pocket. Steve, RIP! Philipp
  5. but i have an issue, working with 10.8 I use d00d's power modifications. I have sleep, restart, wake working with patched rtc and dsl Problem is, machine gets to sleep even when burning a DVD. I have an LG Blu Ray burner installed. Philipp
  6. Just before no one is gonna tell. 10.8.1 can be installed just as it is, no post install procedures necessary.
  7. Philipp30

    Sony VAIO Z

    Update/Downgrade: I at least began hating this hacking on such an expensive notebook. Made the money come back and updated to a macbook pro 13". Or downgrade, whatever. I use it with my jb iphone4. "tetherme", "my3G" and other great stuff running on it. No longer need of internal SIM in the notebook. I just like it. All you folks, stop trying to get a cube to become a ball. Just exchange your sony diamond to a mac and relax. Resolution isn't ALL that counts on a machine running SL. Now just waiting for jb on ios4.1 and ichat-2-facetime upgrades expected in SL 10.6.5 or 10.7. Greetings Philipp
  8. Philipp30

    Sony VAIO Z

    Hi! I have got (nearly) good news. I installed 10.6.2 Hazard SL on a Vaio z21wn/b. In the setup I did not choose any graphics driver. After Setup I installed Chameleon RC4 via setup package (pkg). I downloaded and installed the by Deviato modded Chameleon RC4 MR2 to get native resolution via kernel flag (Graphics Mode=1600*900*32). Works perfect (w/o QE/CI) in stamina mode. There is NO WAY to use the Nvidia Chip on the internal screen. I also managed to get the internal sim/3G reader activated. I downloaded some drivers from option (GT229 or 225(?) drivers for MAC OS-X) and from vodaphone (VodaphoneMCINstaller. to get it done. You need the vodaophone drivers, even without using them, to get the option drivers recognize there is a reader, i think. Input: I used the "2-Finger Alps driver" for the touchpad, works great. You'll find it here inside. WLAN: I changed the Intel 5100AGN using a Dell 1510 (Broadcom, works oob). LAN: Use Intel 1000M drivers. Motion Eye Cam works oob PCCardExpress works oob, I inserted a e-sata AHCI adaptor, works. Sound works oob Voodoo Battery manager works Issues: "About my Mac" does not work. Sleep does not work. Hibernate results in KP. NVIDIA Graphics do not work, Intel GMA x4500 MHD only via hacked VESA mode without QE/CI. Touchstrip biometrics do not work. (until now) Sony Vaio Hotkeys (PI) do not work. Especially the dual power management switch (Speed/Stamina) When I managed to get more things running (SLEEP!), I will tell a little bit more about the kexts I used. I also own a 2,4 GHz MB. Just beginning to forget it, because 1600*900 on a 13,1" Macbook is even better! Philipp
  9. Philipp30

    ATI X700 Mobile (ID 5653 ) 1280x800 Resolution Problem!

    Hi Samsunlu55, I have got aflickering problem with my x700 using Callisto, too. How did you manage it to get flickering stop? I am on 10.5.7 Leopard, btw. Which version do the ati9700.kext etc. have that u used? thx a lot Philipp