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  1. Info on my iPod

    Using this little app, now I know where my iPod was born, and what's his birthday. How cool is that?
  2. SHIFT on Boot = Safe mode.

    Yes, I just learned that. Very nice... because my boot.plist was screwed and I thought I'd have to reinstall my system because of that. I tried using the install DVD with terminal but it wouldnt open boot.plist (there's no text editor on the install DVD, that sucks). But then luckily I had another computer to go on the net and check out boot options to the OSX. Hey, I'm new to OS X, so I didn't know about the Shift key. Pretty cool, I got into Safe mode and edited my boot.plist back to it's normal state. And I'm happy again!
  3. Frontrow

    I just got Frontrow up and running. Thanks to this method here. Im very happy
  4. My computer and I.

    So I decided to start a blog in here, to talk about my computer and OSX stuff. Even though I was a Computer Scientist student (I decided to quit on the 2nd year), I dont see myself as a geek. As a matter of fact I took the geek test and I scored only 39. I work at a Hotel, and live in France. I live in a pretty calm and small city, population around 100k. No good computer stores here whatsoever, anything I buy is over the net. Speaking about computers... My computer is a Fujitsu-Siemens from 2005. Its a Pentium 4 HT 640 at 3.2 GHz, with 2 Gb of RAM, 200Gb HD (partitioned 180+20), ATI x1600 Pro with 512Mb video, DVD±RW DL, Card readers and built-in ethernet and sound. Mobo's specification here. Everything works perfectly, except microphone. Im thinking about buying an iSight soon so I can have both webcam working without worries and microphone. My monitor is an Acer, bought in september 2nd 2006. 19" widescreen, 5ms, 700:1 contrast, 300 brightness. I simply love it. It is SO good to have a wider and big screen. I can imagine having a 20" or even 23" iMac. Must be heaven. But Im totally satisfied with my monitor. Well, guess that's it for this entry. A little bit about me and my computer. See you next time. Until then, have a nice day!