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  1. You can try iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Universal FINAL, regarding Firewire have tried disabling it from bios settings, and make sure you are installing necessary drivers.
  2. I've same mobo. For Audio kext just run OSx86 Tools Utility and at the bottom there is button "Download and Install Hardware Drivers" It will detect your Audio as ALC888 just install this and it will work (also microphone works for me).
  3. Have you tried to change USB setting in BIOS, when I had such a problem I had USB configured as USB v.2, try changing it to legacy or USB v.1 if you have such options in BIOS.
  4. All I can tell on my board there is no AHCI mode in HDD tab of BIOS it is separate controller JMicron AHCI controller. And it saves my time during boot, on AHCI I have gray screen with Apple logo for 6 sec. and my desctop pops out, if I put standard sata controller it will take me 1-5 min to boot my system.
  5. Well. I've tried, several images of IPC OSx86 10.5.6 and only 1 worked for me it is "iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Final PPF5". I also updated my BIOS to newest version. Another thing you may try on motherboard there is JMicron AHCI conroller turn it on and disable standart Nforce sata controller, keep in mind you will need to plug your drive to Jmicron sata port on your motherboard. And as tutorial say connect only CD/DVD drive and HDD that you need, any extra hardware may cause problem booting.
  6. I've got my 790i SLI FTW to work with retail OS X and it supports vanila kernel. Kexts that was created for non mac hardware are awesome. The only thing is since 10.5.7 update I have to use cpus=1 switch to boot otherwise it wouldn't boot with Core 2 Quad 9400 CPU I would like to help people installing OS X on same board that I have.
  7. I have EVGA 790i SLI FTW and retail OS X works fine for me with vanila kernel. There is only one thing since I've updated my system to 10.5.7 I have to use cpus=1 switch to boot otherwise it wouldn't. 10.5.6 was working as on a native MAC with all cores enabled. Feel free to ask I would love to share my experience.