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    Guys, and gals; More and more shiny NetBooks are floating out onto the market, the highend are coming with Nvidia Ion or GMA4500, bu the lowend are shipping with the GMA500 GPU. This is pretty much down to the power consumption and ability to decode HDVideo. Now, I moved from a MSI Wind U100 to an Acer Aspire 751h (Z520, 2GB, GMA500) - it has an 11.6" (1366x768) display, which I thought would be great for OS X, Now, I am no noob when it comes to hackintoshing, (I remember hacking the intel release of 10.4!) - but I had a certain faith in the community when it came to developing support to these products. But now, many months on, I find myself looking into forums and scratching my head looking for ANY movement on GMA500 development. Don't get me wrong, I'm not angry, miffed or otherwise pissed, I'm simply commenting. There are plenty of capable machines out there that could be used to great effect, if only their graphics issues were addressed. Now, I could sit here and comment all day, but I have been doing my research - back in the day, when certain audio chipsets were unsupported, the OS X driver developers looked to linux to provide a leg up. If there was a linux river, then more likely that not, and OS X driver could be built. Now, before you all poo poo this by pointing out that linux has no support for GMA500, I would like to direct you to some very new news from Mandriva. Their latest and greatest (which is still in RC) has support for moblin, and the GMA500 chipset. This is rather interesting when you consider that Intel have been lazy with the drivers for linux. My thought is simple: many of us lack the skills required to hack together our own drivers or support - so I offer my hand in friendship and support to those of you willing to take the challenge. We now have a starting block, a toe on the stairs so to speak. I just hope this fantastic community can rally once more, and put together a driver for that last third of the NetBook market!
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    OSX86 runs on Intel P35 chipset !

    Just me agin! Okay, I'm definatly missing something here... I've connected my SATA DVDRW and SATA DVDROM to the orange SATA ports on the ICH9 controller. I've also connected my SATA HD, I get still waiting for root device... Thats a problem as I can't boot from the DVD drives. Next I looked over the bios settings: SATA RAID/AHCI Mode: AHCI SATA Port 0-3 Native Mode: Enabled Onboard SATA/IDE Device: Enabled Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode: AHCI I compared these with what I've read on the forums, and by all accounts I seem to be doing this right... However, I tried to install from a USB Drive, and boom! twas done! got my OS on. Now though, it only boots to desktop 40% of the time, and issues me with an error along the lines of: device blocking bus repeatedly... and sometimes just loops when loading the loginwindow.app Any help would be great! - seems like I'm the only one with this particular board! (GA-P35-DS3 v1.0 BIOS F5)
  3. mullany

    OSX86 runs on Intel P35 chipset !

    Can I ask: how the hell did you get it to work? I'm truly at a loss at the mo, I'm runnig a GA-P35-DS3, and I'm majorly lost... I'm not new to hackintoshes, it's just that normally I've stuck to 945G chipsets... only now, I would like a few more features... still waiting though. You said that you managed to install on P35, but how?? I'm majorly confussed by all of this, as I've tried popping in the JaS 10.4.8 Intel/AMD SSE2/SSE3 disk and I'm not having much luck after installation, just kernel panics. I've also tried uphuck v1.4i R3 and R1 and I've had little or no luck with that too... I guess I'm just asking anyone out there to tell that that I'm doing something wrong, and push me in the right direction! PLEASE!!