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  1. i have a intel 915GAV Mobo, 4G ram an additional ati radeon HD4350 display and an additional via envy24pt/HTC PCI multi channel audio controller i had successfully try to install kalyway 10.5.2 on it and get network card working successfully. but i cannot get the display and sound card working. my questions is 1. i use trial & error to select each driver to see if its work for me but it's seriously time consuming by each installation, i saw some post said i can change the drivers in the OS, can someone shred me some light that i can do it or not? i want to setup my additional display & sound cards work. 2. i eventually wants to upgrade to 10.6 snow leopard, can some expert suggest me, 2.1 can my mobo support? 2.2 should i use which distro? iatkos? idenbe? iPC? kalyway? 2.3 or should i use a darwin to boot up then use a retail snow leopart to install? which one will you suggest me? 3. also i just realize that the usb is not working with the kalyway. what can i do to make it work? million thanks in advance.