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  1. I've recently discovered, that my GraphicsEnabler=y key in org.chameleon.boot.plist doesnt allow to my display sleep properly (it just freezes instead of blacking out) so I removed this key from my config, and I've got additional fake VGA Display, that I couldn't disable. I know its a common problem with ATI cards, so maybe someone could help me to get rid of this problem step by step. I've got Lion 10.7.2, Gainward ATI Radeon HD 4870 512MB (reference design, first ones that came to market) with dual DVI + S-Video outs on back of the card.
  2. I've installed my OS X Lion recently, and everything went fine, except one thing. I cannot watch my CPU and GPU temperatures and I am pretty worried about my graphics, cause it doesn't cause a lot of noise when I'm playing Heroes of Newerth like in Windows, maybe its Apple magic, but I don't think so. Could anybody help me with that? I didn't install any ATI kexts only have GraphicsEnabler=Y key in Chameleon. I could give additional information about my system if necessary.