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    help patching iDeneb_v1.3_10.5.5.iso

    *UPDATE* now when i enter the last command in dos i get teh message 'Error: patchfile is no ppf patch" even tho it is the ppf file that came with the nforce patch and has the .ppf file extention on it. id would be thankfull for any help at all. i need this patch tpo work for the iso to work. please someone reply. Karl
  2. hi i have a windows xp os pc. i am triying to patch iDeneb.iso, but after triying many times i get to error messages from dos which are 'cannot open the file iDeneb_v1.3_nForce_Patch.ppf no such file or directory exists or cannot open the file iDeneb.iso no such file or direcory exists. i have find a guide on how to install it and i have everything in the right places and renamed everything right according to the guide but its still not working. i think remote assistance is the best way to fix this if someone can help me patch this file id be very gratefull. thanks karl
  3. karl124343

    On legality and Leopard...

    thanks this has helped me