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  1. I have a VAIO VGN-NW120J with Snow Leopard installed at 10.6.0 via Empire EFI then updated to 10.6.3 via software update. I've worked out most of the kinks but the one that is really getting me is that every time I open "About This Mac" my screen goes blue, sometimes I get Kernal panic and other times it reloads the dashboard okay. I have been searching this issue for 2 days now without sucess, help! My System: Sony VAIO VGN-NW120J Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.09 GHz 4GB DDR2 800Mhz RAM Intel GMA 4500MHD Graphics (Working @ 1366x768) Webcam (Not Working) Audio (Working via Voodoo kext) Keyboard / Touchpad (Working via Apple kext) Intel 5100 Wireless (Not Working, Installed Belkin PCI-e card) LAN (Not Working) System profiler sees everything that works correctly including CPU. Thoughts?
  2. OSX Snow Leopard DVD Cover

    Was bored at work and since I am obsessed with my DVDs being in cases with covers I looked for a DVD cover for OSX Snow Leopard. The best I could find were some low res half jobs. So I spend the afternoon in photoshop putting together a cover that I was happy with. It seemed a waste for only myself to use these so I figured I'd share them with the community. Enjoy! Retail: http://editmonkeycreations.com/Snow_Leopard_DVD_Cover.jpg Hackint0sh Credited: http://editmonkeycreations.com/Snow_Leopar...d_DVD_Cover.jpg Let me know your feedback!
  3. Can Boot HDD via USB but not SATA

    Have you verified that the BIOS has Sata configured as AHCI?
  4. Help needed with dell 1747

    No problem, Is the copy of Snow Leopard you have retail? If so what are you using to launch it?
  5. Help needed with dell 1747

    First before you post, search for anyone else with a similar problem. The chances are someone already has run into the problems you have and gotten the answers you need. Now, first google "osx x86 wiki" and check for any systems similar to yours. This will give you an idea of what to expect. Next obtain a retail copy of Snow Leopard. Third, research Empire EFI for the install procedure. Good Luck!
  6. Need Help Install SL on an Acer Aspire

    I don't think Celeron Ms are supported under 10.6.x. The youtube video you provided is interesting however if you examine it his processor has a 800mHz FSB which leads me to believe that his processor isn't a Celeron. Processors can vary even within the same model computer. I googled a bit an was unable to come back with anyone having a sucessful install of Snow Leopard with a Celeron M. Hopefully this helps!
  7. Seems a bit expensive but works with OS X 10.6 http://www.afterthemac.com/