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  1. cannot make partition

    hey.. kinda late post, but there is a fix to this problem. Just give your Tiger partition MORE room. This would fix the "cannot make partition" problem.
  2. Well, I have the 9A599 build running right now and I love it... however, with the release so close, is it recommended for me to "upgrade" from the 599 to the final? I don't really feel like completely formatting my system especially since I have close to 90 GB worth of stuff that I need to find an external for backup. Sorry if this question has been asked before.
  3. Leopard 9a559 - Extract Mac Windows Drivers

    Ok, I installed Vista using Boot Camp 2.0 and when I put in my disk, windows cannot read anything on it except those weird files. I'm guessing the drivers aren't there?
  4. Bootcamp & Parallels/VMware Fusion

    When I used parallels with vista.. it complained that I had to reactivate everytime I reboot back into native. Fusion does not have that problem though.
  5. Vista slows down for me after using it for a week or so... like a lot. Its suppose to use the same type of caching memory as OSX but for some reason, it doesn't know how to use it. It eats up all my memory even though its considered "Inactive" then when I open a new program, like a game, vista would take a while to dedicate the ram to the game because it just thinks im gonna open stuff like notepad all day.
  6. Intel Wireless driver

    Ok, I got this thing to work but apparently, theres a problem of wireless being INSANELY slow. My router would be fine but it could take minutes to open up a webpage. I have the 2200bg card btw.
  7. I can't believe I fell for that...
  8. Help with Inspiron 6000

    Actually, I got a Inspiron 6000 and I got my Intel 2200BG wireless to work Ok, soo... install the drivers just like normal, but edit the file in: /System/Library/Extensions/iwi2200.kext/Contents/Info.plist In there, look for the value "p_disable", under it, it'll say "0", change that to "1" and there ya go. I tried the LED thing to work but it still doesn't work... the bluetooth light is so lonely since my num lock doesn't work either... lol
  9. you don't need the wireless or video card or sata. Im not compeltely sure, but try without those
  10. network works except when you have near 30 gb of files that requires to be as much near identical as possible on 3 different systems, plus other stuff such as all 3 systems run virtually the same programs/configuration... this seems like the best option for the long run
  11. Im trying to create a home, local (LOCAL, KEYWORD) server that shares all my files (I have 30 gb worth of files that I need to share between 2 laptops) and I like the windows 2k/2k3 active directory based server network except... At school and at the place I work, active directory runs through something like this Client PC/Notebook -> Router -> Server -> Internet well, at home, I have this Client PC/Notebook -> router -> internet Similar to everyone else's network (almost everyone) Now, because this server is pretty much local, and I would like to keep it local as much as possible, I tried something like this Internet -> Router -> Server and Client PC/Notebook so basically, all computers (including server) is connected to the main router that connects to the internet. Apparently, this is causing some problems because I know at school/work networks, they have the server's DHCP ip (1x.xxx.xxx.xxx) instead of what i have (192.168.xxx.xxx) and when I set up something like this, I get a really REALLY long loading time + sometimes stuff won't sync and stuff. Keep in mind here, I only have windows PCs here. I do have a hackintosh installed and it won't be till next year around july or august before I get a actual macbook (pro of course) . Anyways, I'm looking for a method where I can use the: Internet -> Router -> Server and Client PC/Notebook while running domain/active directory and not cause lots of errors and problems. For short, I dunno how to do this. Other options... I could use different OSes but I'm not very skilled at all outside of windows (I know basic linux.. a little moderate for mac) so.. any ideas that can help me.. also, if you don't understand something from i just posted, just ask.. i'm kinda sleepy right now so expect mistakes...
  12. No Quartz Extreme Support?

    which sucks for ATi cards cause we have mouse tearing.
  13. Windows Vista

    My opinion, vista sucks. I downloaded RC1 and it took me 20 minutes to find the control to change the desktop stuff. I liked things simple, similar to whats in windows XP, everything's easy to find. I actually like xp better then vista. I only like vista's aero designs and style, nothing more. I find it too complicated to work with in the first place.
  14. Your 2.4 GHz P4 is nearly 2-4 times slower then my 1.6 GHz Pentium-M Dothan. A higher clock speed doesn't mean more performance these days because of cache and other stuff within the CPU, the 2.26 GHz Pentium-M pretty much even matchs with the higher 3.6-3.8 GHz P4. A 1.66 GHz Dual core would own your pentium 4 no problem. But for dual core, its pretty much 2x CPUs in your system (Physical, instead of virtual like HT technology) It'll run as 2x 1.66 GHz but that 1.66 GHz compared to your 2.4 GHz is more like 3.2 GHz My 1.6 (Overclocked 1.73) GHz Dothan vs a 3.4 Ghz Pentium 4 (775) on a benchmarking program, I pretty much even out with that CPU.
  15. It won't work cause nvidia cards don't have any QE/CL support