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  1. my new webapp

    Thanks ~pcwiz! I'm glad it worked for you.
  2. my new webapp

    SidebarLyrics is a minimalistic interface for the LyricWiki lyric search engine. Think of it as an "easy" button that you can bookmark and load into your browser's sidebar for super-easy convenience. I started working on this project a few days ago to help me out with the vocals section on Rock Band, but realised it has more potential then that so I hope y'all check it out and give a comment or two about it!
  3. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    That would probably work, but I'm not completely sure.
  4. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    I set my Mac partition active, and now it boots Mac automatically after countdown! =D I can still boot in Windows though.
  5. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    you can open it with the property list editor http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=36886
  6. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    It's most likely the video card because my dvd drive works fine, when it comes to reading and writing. I don't mind the DVD player problem either, I can just boot into Windows to do the stuff that Mac is unable to do. ;)From what I read in #3, you basically set the Mac partition active and it boots into mac after the countdown? I could do that, but I'm also afraid it might not boot into XP... Could you check if it boots into XP for you?
  7. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    I've got that same wifi problem, but I haven't touched it after installing 10.4.10. I'm going to try out the the dvd player and the wifi button now when I boot into Mac. This is the message I'm getting for DVD Player: I turned off wifi and noticed that it didn't turn back on, until I booted into windows to enable it. This is most likely because when you press that button it turns the radio/hardware off for the wifi device--not airport. That's probably why it won't work when you try to turn it back on.
  8. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    I haven't had this problem, but I think this guide here might help you...
  9. booting error

    does it have sse3 or sse2 compatibility? you can check with a software called CPU-Z
  10. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    You are supposed to use OS X to put that file in the Extensions directory. That file has nothing to do with the wireless network, it helps you boot native on your Inspiron. You can find your wireless network by clicking the baseball field icon in the menubar and choosing a network from the list.
  11. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    I'm getting the exact same problem, I hope there's a solution. I have the same problem too, but I don't really mind it. When you boot in Windows, the boot screen also appears stretched until it's fully loaded. That used to happen to me in 10.4.9, but it was somehow fixed in 10.4.10.
  12. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    So you're saying that when you listen to music on your headphones, the sound doesn't also come out through the speakers?
  13. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    How did you fix the problem? Mine works, but there's still sound coming out of the speakers. It's somewhat hot, but more warm than Windows®.
  14. [Random] 9999 Replies

    5 Thousand 3 Hundred Thirty 9
  15. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    You make a good point aross; I suppose I could just bear waiting that long for the system to boot. But I'm looking forward to any solution.