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  1. airplay audio video works, check with itunes
  2. Would greatly appreciate you spreading the news on G+, FB, Twitter. We are working on a TB expansion chassis as well, stay tuned.
  3. Just a reminder tech@quocomputer.com
  4. iztech


    8.5 audio via TB works without distortion.
  5. For Sata III ----------------- Please connect your OS hd Sata III drive to port S30 which is the white connector on the motherboard. You can also test your speeds by downloading AJA tools.
  6. Please contact Intel regarding thunderbolt. USB3 over Thunderbolt - give me a break! What is the issue with video signal daisy chain?
  7. You can email us at tech@quocomputer.com In your email please list CPU, memory, monitor model and how it's connected. Also list the Graphics card.
  8. HD4000 3770K and 3570K
  9. Monitor connection? are you getting any post? Let us know after you connected memory as indicated.
  10. Hi everyone Just want to sort out a few things. We will commence KS shipping this week and finish by Monday or Wednesday. After that we will start shipping regular orders. If we missed an email we are sorry. Please do email sales@quocomputer.com We can not offer support on KS comments and on this thread, I don't think IM intended it's forums to be used in this manner. We also have a phone number. 213.784.0060 We now have stock. But inventory is almost sold out. Last of the bulk packs will be put on line this weekend for system builders - 10 boards per carton and there is only 500 left (50 bulk packs).
  11. We are excited to state that shipping will commence at the end of the week.
  12. @BALDY_MAN - no objection to you talking about components at all. We encourage builds and system builders to configure machines and push the envelope. The entire community learns this way. I don't think I stated anything about your components, sorry if it was misconstrued.
  13. Please feel free to submit inquiries again. We are doing our best to respond to emails. We will not discuss installation methods. We will be shipping soon. We can also be reached by phone. There are limited quanties left. We will be adding more components and complete systems as well.
  14. Hey want to thank everyone for the support and also to everyone at Insanely! Some of you emailed with a few words and trust me it was needed. Overwhelmed by the positiveness makes everything worthwhile. Hoping to have the site updated by Wednesday.
  15. Hi guys thanks for all the post, suggestions and feedback. Really appreciate. I am sorry we can't say too much only that this an amazing product and we are excited as much as you guys. We really hope the KS campaign succeeds : it is great to see the community unite. Definitely have future plans and road map but one step first. Then when you guys get the board in your hands we take a second step. Wish I could talk more about this. We need your continued support. thx.